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You might know Scott Yarish, M.D., is a trusted and talented dual board-certified plastic surgeon at Yarish Plastic Surgery. You might not realize he’s also a licensed pilot, a sculptor, a philanthropist, an avid golfer and a married father of four. It’s no wonder he was recently dubbed ‘The Most Interesting Man in the Room’ during a Women Driving Business event held by the Houston West Chamber of Commerce. Plus Living magazine’s annual Reader’s Choice survey voted him the Best Plastic Surgeon in Katy and his medical spa as the Best Place for Laser Hair Removal in Memorial.

Dr. Yarish’s patients benefit from his years of experience as well as his unique treatment protocol that ensures patients not only love their results, but they recover faster and heal better. All surgeries he performs—from facelifts to tummy tucks—are accompanied by a supplemental package of amenities, starting with vitamins and other homeopathic treatments to prepare patients for surgery. Postoperative patients receive lymphatic drainage massage for increased blood flow, Endermologie for cellulite reduction and to minimize bruising, laser scar treatments and medical-grade skincare—all offered at his onsite medical spa.

These extra steps help Dr. Yarish’s patients return to their activities sooner with reduced swelling, softened scar tissue and increased blood flow for faster healing. “Years ago, I realized proper skin care following a facelift greatly enhanced the long-term results for my patients,” Dr. Yarish said. “When the surgical work is beautiful, going a step further to ensure better long-term results makes sense. We have even become more aggressive with our postoperative care packages, because we strongly believe they are the key to our rapid recoveries.”

Dr. Yarish’s Heart for Service
For the past 25 years, Dr. Yarish has been providing reconstructive surgery to children with disabling deformities through his charity, Crystal Foundation. A large part of those efforts are focused on the clinic Dr. Yarish started in Guerrero, Mexico, in 1989. The clinic provides state-of-the art reconstructive surgery for children suffering from congenital deformities such as cleft lips, cleft palates, congenital hand anomalies, and burn injuries. With modern surgical techniques, Dr. Yarish and his team repair and restore the lives of these children—providing the miracle their parents seek and could never find, let alone afford.

So, it comes as no surprise that patients take to the Internet to share their experiences at Yarish Plastic Surgery. A recent reviewer wrote: “I had a much more complex procedure because Dr. Yarish had to fix what another surgeon did to me, so my particular surgery was more difficult and time-consuming than had I gone to see him originally. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the care, compassion and phenomenal job Dr. Yarish did for me.”

Another reviewer who trusted her child to Dr. Yarish shared: “It is so refreshing to have a plastic surgeon spend so much time with us in the consultations. He answered all our questions, and we had lots of questions. After my daughter’s procedure, the nurses stayed late with us and were so kind and caring in recovery. We could not be happier with her results. Dr. Yarish called us out of the blue after the procedure that evening to check on her. We are so thankful and will be referring friends and family.”

So many of the stigmas originally associated with plastic surgery no long exist today. However, some people still consider elective cosmetic surgery a bit of an enigma unless someone close to them has experienced it firsthand. That’s why it’s vital to trust your plastic surgeon to be upfront about the procedure and the results you can expect. You can trust Dr. Yarish for his experience, training and personable dedication to his patients.

All surgeries are performed in Dr. Yarish’s accredited surgery center adjacent to his office, and patients are cared for by his trusted professional medical team, many of whom have been with him for more than 15 years. While most patients prefer the comfort of their own home for the recovery process after surgery, he also offers overnight care within his facility. “We strive to be number one in all we do—not just the procedures but the follow-up care as well,” he said.

If you’re ready to explore options for a more beautiful you, call Yarish Plastic Surgery or visit their website at YarishMD.com.

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