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To say James Heptig was an active kid is an understatement. His solitary pursuit from the time he could walk was to run, jump, kick, tackle, throw, hit, score, compete, excel, and dominate at anything that even resembled sports. It was a great way to grow up and consequently, he developed an interest in health and nutrition—in how to keep this wonderful machine we call the human body the healthiest it can be. Chiropractic was a natural choice for him.

“Unlike other types of medicine, chiropractic is not primarily about treating problems but about helping the body work right, the way it is intended to work so problems don’t occur in the first place,” he said. “Most people think they’re pretty healthy because they don’t have pain or illness, but I’ve learned that health isn’t something we’re given. It’s something we have to work at.”

“Just as we see a dentist twice a year for a dental cleaning and maintenance—even though there may be nothing ‘wrong’ with our teeth—I like my patients to think of spinal adjustment as maintenance of their healthy body,” Dr. Heptig said. “So many of us spend our days sitting at a computer, texting, driving, and doing repetitive actions that put strain on our bones and muscles. Getting regular chiropractic care, eating right, and exercising are the common-sense things we need to do because our lifestyles are so stressful on our bodies.”

In addition to chiropractic maintenance, Dr. Heptig treats many patients experiencing problems with their musculoskeletal system due to a one-time trauma such as a car accident or sports injury. He treats many more with degenerative back and neck pain, headaches, vertigo, carpal tunnel, arthritis, and other problems because of things they’ve done or done incorrectly for years.

“No two patients are exactly alike, so each treatment plan is tailored to each patient’s individual problems and needs, and adjusts as the patient responds to therapy,” Dr. Heptig said. “Once we correct the problem that first brought them in, we’re able to offer nutritional counseling and massage therapy, and give them exercises to do at home. Then they’re ready for routine maintenance to keep them healthy.”

For acute pain, Dr. Heptig employs noninvasive, nonpharmaceutical MLS laser therapy or “cold laser” which uses synchronized wavelengths to reach deep into painful, inflamed tissues and nerves and stimulate rapid healing and pain relief. “The laser doesn’t make the patient’s body do anything it couldn’t normally do on its own,” Dr. Heptig said. “It just speeds up the healing process.”

Dr. Heptig is joined at his Starwood Chiropractic location by Dr. Teddy Maltezos. Together they treat everyone from newborns to seniors and weekend warriors to pro athletes. Call (972) 608-4411 in Plano or (972) 377-3909 in Frisco to begin your wellness journey today.


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By Meredith Knight

Photography by Bob Woodfin