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By Melissa Gautier

Unwavering perseverance has propelled Roger Williamson’s company from a side hustle in college to the highly regarded foundation repair and drainage system authority it is today. Serving the DFW Metroplex for the past 35 years, Williamson Foundation Repair has been a trusted resource in their field. Their remarkable level of experience, longevity, and honesty has contributed to longstanding success and respect with consumers, both commercial and residential. Williamson Foundation Repair has proven to be a consistent example of excellence by providing quality work, honest evaluations, and undisputable lifetime warranties.

While studying at Baylor University, Roger was hired by a friend to work foundation repair for the summer. Gleaning knowledge and know-how, Roger says, “That job gave me an eye for doing things right structurally. I believed I could do an even better job myself.” With a small sum of money borrowed from his dad, Roger started his own business fixing foundations. Fortunately, there was a timely need for foundation work due to a real estate boom in DFW. Roger’s venture was off to a running start. He managed to graduate with two bachelor’s degrees while working his foundation repair business throughout college. After graduation, his father joined him and was instrumental in growing the business until his passing two years later.

Warning Signs of Foundation Problems

“Compromised foundation and drainage issues happen before they physically appear,” Roger explains.

Gaps between a structure’s foundation and the soil against it signify extremely dry supporting soils. Most people don’t realize that foundations need to be watered periodically to minimize movement.” Other warning signs include interior doors or windows sticking and cracks in the walls. If you see these signs at your home or business, it’s time to call the professional for a thorough evaluation.

Complimentary Initial Evaluation

Williamson Foundation Repair’s initial visual inspection takes about an hour, checking for cracks and door alignment issues both inside and outside the home. Roger’s team then diagrams and measures with an electronic level to determine the foundation’s status.

“Our evaluations are honest and there is never any pressure for commitment. Through the years, we’ve managed to move forward with strong convictions of honesty, quality workmanship, and ethical standards,” Roger says. Hundreds of positive reviews and garnering Living Magazine Best Of Readers’ Choice awards in Foundation Repair for the past five consecutive years are a testament to Williamson’s integrity in all aspects of business, including outstanding customer satisfaction.

When it comes to foundation contractors, your peace of mind is important. While your home is your biggest investment, it’s also a source of comfort and safety for you and your family. Having a proper, structurally sound foundation protects not only your investment, but your family’s future. Whether your problem is a sinking foundation, a cracked slab, or shifting concrete pilings, Williamson Foundation Repair is a name synonymous with excellence and The Metroplex’s preferred choice among home foundation experts. Virtual appointments and evaluations are now available for consumer’s convenience.

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