What’s That Guy’s Name? Photography by Guy T


About the Expert

Guy T has been capturing great images since 2012. He is an Associate Fellow with the Texas Professional Photographers Association, and a Photographic Craftsman, Certified Professional Photographer (CPP), and CPP Liaison with the Professional Photographers Association. His award-winning work has been featured on over 100 covers for local publications. (And he has been voted Best of Flower Mound and Denton County!) 


How do I choose a photographer?

I recommend visiting their website to look at their style. If you don’t like the look of their images, consider someone else. Look at their specialties. If you don’t see your category, consider another photographer. Look at their qualifications and certifications, which show commitment to their craft and to their clients. Finally, check their Google reviews to see former clients’ opinions on the quality of pictures, turnaround time, delivery, and more.

How do I navigate the budget?

Be up front and let the photographer know what budget you had in mind — don’t ask them to make their budget fit yours. Like anything else you buy, if the cost exceeds your budget, consider someone else, but remember that you get what you pay for. One photographer may be less expensive, but are their images going to be as good? Will their prints and other products last 10 or 20 years? Paying a little extra for those once-in-a-lifetime moments is worth it.

What should I consider when choosing on-location versus studio shots?

A studio is better if you want a professionally lit headshot, as it has better lighting, temperature control, and no wind. But shooting on location can be great too. Talk to the photographer about your ideas, and they can help you. Generally, your photographer should know the best time of day, the best positioning and lighting, and the right background for good images. Be flexible for the exact time of day and location for the best shots.

What should I wear?

Many people think black is a great choice, and it can be, but it can distract from your face. I suggest avoiding the extremes of black and white, and to coordinate with the environment you’ve chosen. Pick colors like those found in nature. A group wearing cool colors in winter or warm colors in the summer makes for better, more pleasing color harmony. Consider jeans and sky blue or pastels in the summer, or in the winter, wear browns, greens, or even purples. Sleeves are always better than sleeveless, and solids are better than busy patterns. For a professional headshot, think about the purpose. Do you want to be serious or more whimsical? Strong and confident? Wear a gray blazer or sports coat instead of black, with a coordinating shirt underneath instead of white.

What are some tips on posing?

Be open to certain poses that are more flattering. A simple thing like twisting your hand, bending your wrist, dropping your chin, placing weight on one leg or another, and using different angles can make you look better in images. And those things only take a few seconds to tweak. At my personal studio, you can see a large view of yourself on my laptop as we capture your images to see the positive impact of effective posing. Trust your photographer and keep an open mind about the right poses and positioning for the best results.

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