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Why Spotlights & Profiles are an Advertiser’s Dream

The Business Spotlight & Profile are collections of quick, informative facts written in a specific format that chronicles the success of small businesses. This unique format, also called an advertorial, showcases the incredible people, amazing products, and valuable services behind a company brand. Advertorials educate consumers by giving information about a business in the form of an article. Spotlights & Profiles are an excellent way to kick off a new ad campaign. Spotlights & Profiles can accomplish in one month what it can take display advertising months to do. Spotlights & Profiles are uniquely designed to keep the advertiser “top of mind” with local consumers. These advertisements make the reader feel comfortable about picking up the phone to call for an appointment.


“92% of readers love reading about local business” That’s the kind of impression an advertiser can bank on.”


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