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2020 has asked a lot of us, required us to react, adapt, adjust, learn new ways of communicating, of connecting, and for many medical practices, new ways of continuing the care for their patients.

Weight Loss Specialists of North Texas is a comprehensive bariatric practice with locations in Denton, Flower Mound and Frisco. Led by board-certified, fellowship-trained bariatric surgeon Dr. Folahan Ayoola, Weight Loss Specialists has earned a reputation as a regional trusted leader in surgical and non-surgical weight loss solutions.

Ways They’re Still Here for You

When the health pandemic first ramped up in the spring of this memorable year, like many other medical practices, Weight Loss Specialists quickly pivoted to offering virtual consultations through a telemedicine portal as well as online educational seminars through Zoom. But this was just the beginning of the ways this community-minded practice sought to continue to serve its loyal patient family during a world health pandemic.

“For many people, it was a scary time, filled with a lot of uncertainty,” said Dr. Ayoola. “It was important to our entire team to really be there for our patients, in whatever ways we could, and to continue to serve them to the degree that we were able.”

A huge part of the support system for people who have undergone bariatric surgery at Weight Loss Specialists is the support groups that meet monthly. “Especially during such a stressful time, people need the support of their peers and friends to help them stay on track with their new healthy lifestyle,” said Dr. Ayoola. “All our support groups moved to a Zoom format and began meeting that way. It has worked very well and allows people to stay connected and supported at this time where we are all practicing social distancing.”

The team at Weight Loss Specialists is delighted to be seeing patients in the office once again. They are following all CDC-recommended guidelines and taking many extra precautions. “We take the risk of spreading COVID-19 very seriously,” said Dr. Ayoola. “While we have always prioritized cleanliness and patient safety, we are taking extra precautions to reduce contact by thoroughly disinfecting all surfaces in our offices several times per day. Additionally, our team members are performing hand hygiene between seeing patients.”

Patients are asked to fill out an intake questionnaire upon arrival and will have their temperature checked at check-in. Additionally, all patients and visitors are asked to wear a mask while in the office. And, whenever possible, the Weight Loss Specialists staff asks that patients come to their appointments alone. “We are closely monitoring information from the Texas Medical Board and Texas Health and Human Services Commission in the event that further measures are

required,” said Dr. Ayoola. “The health and safety of our valued patients and our Weight Loss Specialists team are important to us.”

The Weight Loss Specialists Way

Can we just take a moment to get honest? 2020 has been hard. And the result of the kind of life stressors we’ve all been facing is often unwanted weight gain. And if like many Americans, your weight was already a concern going into the pandemic, it can be an even bigger concern on the other side. Does any of this sound like something you can relate to? If so, you’re certainly not alone.

If you’re someone who struggles with your weight, you’ve probably tried everything out there – diets, exercise, pills, hypnosis – anything that promises results. But often, these just leave you even more frustrated and disappointed.

Weight Loss Specialists wants to help. Don’t let fear or apathy or anything else hold you back from reaching out for the help you deserve. You don’t have to go it alone. The photo on the cover represents just a handful of happy Weight Loss Specialists patients. But do you know what else it represents? 3400 pounds lost. You read that correctly; 3400 pounds! Gone forever!

We’ve helped a lot of people get their lives and health back,” said Dr. Ayoola. “We’ve achieved the recognition and awards we have because of patients just like the ones in that picture. It’s a great community of people and it is an honor to be a part of each journey.”

Not the Easy Way, the Best Way

Perhaps you’ve thought about weight loss surgery – but you stop yourself because it feels like the “easy way”. “Many people feel like this…but at Weight Loss Specialists, we like to assure our patients that it’s NOT the easy way,” said Dr. Ayoola. “For many, many of our patients, it’s the BEST WAY!”

Weight Loss Specialists of North Texas has solutions. Real, lasting, attainable solutions for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight for a lifetime. They offer surgical and non-surgical solutions for lasting weight loss. Depending on your weight loss goals, overall health, age and lifestyle, their experienced bariatric team can suggest a solution that will give you the best chance of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight for a lifetime. They also offer an online vitamin store, medical aesthetics to help with the loose skin and stubborn spots that are often an issue after significant weight loss, and personal training to help you firm up and look as great as you feel.

Don’t live in defeat even one day longer. If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us, it’s that life is fragile. It’s precious. And we shouldn’t waste even one minute living a life that is less than what we want for ourselves.

Schedule a consultation at Weight Loss Specialists of North Texas today. Visit weightlosssurgeon.com for more information and success stories.

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