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Obesity is a killer and Dr. Folahan Ayoola is on a mission to stop it in its tracks. He says he doesn’t have a super hero cape in his closet, but we think he should! Helping his patients “Live Free” from obesity is Dr. Ayoola’s passion. He aims not only to transform his patients’ lives and improve their health and longevity, he’s on a mission to change the way we think about obesity.

“On the outside, people see the excess weight and it affects their self-esteem. What’s going on inside—what you can’t see—can be lethal,” says Dr. Ayoola, whose upbeat, approachable demeanor puts you at ease the moment you meet him. Obesity can increase the risk for certain cancers, type 2 diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, joint pain, cardiovascular disease, infertility and problems with pregnancy, poorer mental health, and more.

Top Doc Offers Multiple Weight Loss Options

His patients’ remarkable weight loss successes shine a beacon on Dr. Ayoola’s ability to get to the bottom of their weight struggles and then treat them effectively. Working in partnership with, and educating his patients, he develops a customized plan to meet their individual needs. With this, Dr. Ayoola gives his patients the best chance of a good outcome and successful, permanent weight loss.

“We are proficient at all the safe options at Weight Loss Specialists of North Texas—diet and exercise programs, weight loss medication, weight loss surgery, and new innovations such as the Obalon gastric balloon pill. With all these tools available, I can look at each patient as a whole then help determine what will work best for them.”

Dr. Ayoola further differentiates himself from others by performing all types of weight loss surgery. Instead of offering just one or two procedures, he performs them all—gastric sleeve, duodenal switch, roux-en-Y gastric bypass, and revisional surgery.

“One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to weight loss,” he says. “We fit the treatment—which may or may not include surgery—to the patient versus the patient to the treatment.”

Nutritional counseling, which is also provided by Dr. Ayoola’s team, helps patients determine how to incorporate healthy habits and physical activity into daily life.

Dr. Ayoola adds, “We’ll also help you redefine your relationship with food and adopt successful, comfortable eating behaviors, and educate you on how to make wise nutritional choices.”

Online tools and support are available as well, and Dr. Ayoola and his staff respond to phone calls and emails. “We’re here for our patients every step of the way,” he says.

Patients Stefanie and Da Shunta Share Their Success Stories

At 29, Da Shunta was borderline diabetic. She had painful, swollen feet, suffered from sleep apnea, and had high blood pressure.

“I was 400 pounds at my heaviest,” Da Shunta confides. “I’m well-educated and longed to travel and do so many things, but I was too big. Diets would work for a while, but using food as my crutch, I would always gain the weight back and then some.”

When Da Shunta decided to change her life, she began researching different weight loss surgeons in the area. “I joined a Facebook group that referred me to Dr. Ayoola. I went in thinking I wanted a gastric sleeve but based on what I told him and how much weight I had to lose, Dr. Ayoola recommended a duodenal switch. I put my trust in him and it has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made! My only regret is that I waited so long.”

Now, after losing 200 pounds, Da Shunta is traveling up a storm. One of her upcoming trips is to Dubai, and this October she’ll be heading to Iceland. She also loves going to Texas Ranger games.

Stefanie began to have “weight problems” with the birth of her first son. After countless diets that didn’t work, she opted for weight loss surgery but had limited success. Determined not to give up, she made an appointment with Dr. Ayoola to talk with him about revision surgery.

“As a nurse I know an exceptional doctor when I meet one. It’s rare to find someone like Dr. Ayoola,” she says. “He is so compassionate and treats everyone like he’s their new best friend. He spent an hour with me during my consultation, listened to my concerns, and didn’t rush me. He explained why the duodenal switch should help me successfully lose weight and it made sense.”

Stefanie’s surgery was two years ago, and she has kept the weight off. “I’m now the woman I was always supposed to be,” she says. “Dr. Ayoola gave this to me—he gave me my life back.”

Nikiya’s Success Story

“Dr. Ayoola listened and asked what I wanted versus immediately telling me what I need. His staff also sets the bar high. They’re efficient, on point, and helpful. Every time I walk through the door I am among friends.”

After gastric sleeve surgery, Nikiya lost 120 pounds. “I have a new life! I no longer have sleep apnea, I walk daily and do kick boxing, and I completed a 5K run on my 43rd birthday. Next, I’m going to try taekwondo. My kids can’t keep up with me!”

Lanette’s Success Story

“Dr. Ayoola makes you feel like he’s in this with you and that you are more than just a patient to him,” Lanette says. “Based on what I told him about myself he recommended the duodenal switch. We figured it out together.”

Now weighing 145 pounds, Lanette’s high blood pressure and sleep apnea are gone, she has more energy, and can climb the stairs without being out of breath. “I even visit water parks and go down the slide. I would never have done when I was heavy,” she shares.

More About Dr. Folahan Ayoola

Dr. Ayoola followed in his father’s footsteps when he became a physician. His credentials include:

  • Medical Degree: University of Texas Southwestern
  • Residency and Bariatric/MIS Fellowship: Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Medical Director of Bariatric Surgery Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Flower Mound
  • MBSAQIP Accredited
  • Member of the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, American College of Surgeons, Texas Association of Bariatric Surgeons

Are you ready to lose weight and restore your health and quality of life? Whether you need to lose a few pounds or more than 100, schedule a consultation with Dr. Folahan Ayoola today. Visit DrAyoola.com for more information. Check out FaceBook.com/weightlosssurgeon/ to read more patient reviews.

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By Annette Brooks