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You watch what you eat. You’re diligent about your daily workout. You take all the right vitamins and supplements, but are you neglecting your oral health?

“A healthy mouth is vital for promoting over health,” said Dr. Tammy Weyandt. “I’m always surprised to see someone at the gym with broken or decayed teeth or red, inflamed gums. They’re so careful about one aspect of their health while neglecting another very important one. What happens in your mouth enters the rest of your body. There are very strong correlations between bacteria from gum disease and tooth decay and diseases linked to inflammation such as heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s and dementia. Routine dental cleanings and check-ups and promptly addressing any issues that crop up are crucial to keeping all the systems of your body healthy and working right.”

At her family dental practice in Allen, Dr. Weyandt emphasizes education so her patients – of any age – can be their own best advocate of their overall wellness through diligent oral health. During a recent visit, one of those patients reflected, “You’re so kind and friendly, but I’ve never even seen your face.” That one sentence illustrated for Dr. Weyandt the struggle she and her staff have had this past year and a half, trying to keep things personal and upbeat while still keeping everybody safe. “Of course, we want to do everything we can to make sure our patients and staff are safe,” she said. “But we also want a visit to our office to be fun and friendly. It’s challenging when we’re covered head to toe with protective gear. But we’re doing what we can to preserve what for us the best part of the job – relationships with our patients.”

It’s for those patients Dr. Weyandt constantly reeducates herself about advancements in dental technology. iTero digital scanning is one good example. This technology not only eliminates gooey impressions but offers far more accurate digital pictures of exactly what’s happening in a patient’s mouth. And it’s for them she now offers laser tooth whitening. “Traditional whitening served a purpose, and some patients still opt for it,” she said. “But it causes tooth sensitivity and doesn’t work well for some patients. Biolase laser whitening treatment offers patients up to nine shades white teeth in minutes with no discomfort and immediate, dramatic results.” Dr. Weyandt offers a full menu of preventative, restorative, implant, and cosmetic procedures.

Meet Dr. Weyandt

Tammy Weyandt is a fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, a prestigious honor and evidence of her commitment to lifelong learning. She stays up-to-date with continuing dental education over and above that which is required. She volunteers with Young Men’s Service League and enjoys reading, working out, and traveling in her free time.


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