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Dr. Guy is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon. After graduating number one in his high school, college, and medical school class, he was accepted into a highly competitive residency program in head and neck surgery at Houston’s Baylor College of Medicine. He then completed a facial plastic and reconstructive surgery cosmetic fellowship at the McCollough Plastic Surgery Institute, receiving extensive training in surgical and nonsurgical facial rejuvenation.


What are the most sought-after cosmetic facial procedures?

Upper or lower eyelid surgery, or both, are popular because we began focusing more on the appearance of our eyes while wearing face masks. Removing excess skin and fat from the upper and lower eyelids reduces sagging and puffiness, creating a more rested appearance.

With Zoom calls, people are seeing their faces from different angles that aren’t always the most flattering. Men and women alike are interested in neck lifts to remove excess skin and fat to improve the appearance of their jawline and neck. We’re also seeing an uptick in nose surgery. Patients who have been wanting to change the shape of their nose have an opportunity to hide it with a face mask during the recovery period without drawing attention.

What options are available for lip augmentation?

There are a few options. Fillers provide an immediate augmentation with little to no downtime. Results last around six to 12 months. There’s also a collagen lip lift using the patient’s own collagen.

Surgical options, which last longer, include a bullhorn lip lift and a corner lip lift. During a bullhorn lip lift, a small incision is made just below the nose. The goal is to decrease the distance between the nose and the upper lip. This procedure can also improve the appearance of fine lines around the upper lip. A corner lip lift can increase the amount of red lip showing near the corners of the upper lip.

What minimally invasive facial rejuvenation options are available?

We offer several nonsurgical, minimally invasive options at Dr. Guy Facial Plastic Surgery. Fillers can provide a slight lift to facial areas and address volume loss that occurs with aging. A combination of radio frequency and microneedling addresses skin textures and promotes collagen and elastin production, which lifts and firms.

FaceTite is a minimally invasive service that tightens deeper structures to provide even more lift. A PDO thread lift gently lifts your lower facial tissues with medical-grade threads that are absorbed by the body. The threads boost collagen production, which tightens and firms your skin for results that continue to improve.

How do I avoid looking “done?”

Choose an experienced facial plastic surgeon who has in-depth, specialized training to create natural-looking results, as well as artistic skill. Look at the surgeon’s credentials, board certification, and experience. Review before-and-after pictures. A true expert can address imperfections and signs of aging while retaining your unique facial qualities, so you look naturally refreshed.

Do I have to be asleep to have surgery?

Nearly all of the surgical procedures in my practice can be performed in-office under local anesthesia. We provide prescriptions for oral medicine to help you relax. We also offer Pro-Nox, which is a combination of oxygen and laughing gas, to those who need a little more relaxation. Our customized treatment plans cater to each patient’s needs and budget. Please call us to schedule a consultation.

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