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Vision Source SD 3-16 Prof MCK_WEBLike many healthy habits, good vision care should begin early and continue routinely in order to last. Carey Patrick, OD, describes it this way: “Your eyes are designed to last a lifetime and if you treat them nicely, they will.”

“Ideally, children should see an eye doctor before their first birthday,” Dr. Patrick recommends. “That way, if there is anything that might prevent the child from developing proper vision, we can catch it early and when easily treatable. All parents want our kids to reach each development milestone right on time.”

Healthy eyes are a reflection of overall body health. Things change as we grow up, as we navigate adult lives, and as we age. Life has both its exciting moments and its challenges. Dr. Patrick takes extra time, speaking with each patient about nutrition choices that develop healthy eyes, maintain clear adult vision, and prevent ocular diseases like macular degeneration and cataracts. Dr. Patrick also speaks to many local service organizations on the side effects of common medications (for ADD, acne, asthma, cholesterol, diabetes, hormones, blood pressure, etc.) and what specific nutrition choices can manage these complications, thereby preventing blurred vision from medication.

Smart phones, laptops, tablets, and other digital devices used at work, school, and home put information at our fingertips. They can also put a strain on our eyes by exposure to UV, reflected glare, and slowed blinking. Dr. Patrick advises patients to “be alert for symptoms like red eyes, headaches, dry or tired eyes, blurred vision, and loss of focus or attention.” All of these are easily addressed—sometimes with eyeglasses, sometimes with eye drops and sometimes with other choices. “There is no reason to suffer discomfort. But I can’t fix it if the patient keeps it a secret!” Let Dr. Patrick know if you experience these for more than just a few days.

“Because families are adopting active lifestyles, I always ask about activities and hobbies, especially things families do together,” Dr. Patrick says. Sports are the leading cause of eye injuries in children under 16 years old. Sports goggles with prescription lenses are available for skiing, swimming, basketball, baseball, tennis, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, and many other activities. Dr. Patrick loves helping athletes of all ages find sport-specific eyewear to help them compete at their best. She also reminds parents to set the example of family eye-safety by making sure the kids see mom and dad wearing their own eye protection.

Dr. Patrick is committed to her community and her profession. This year, Governor Greg Abbott appointed Dr. Patrick to the Texas Optometry Board, where her primary responsibility is to put patients first and protect the public by supervising her colleagues across the Lone Star State. She serves as a leader in optometric professional associations on both state and national levels, and with community organizations right here in Allen-Fairview. For a detailed practice overview or to read Dr. Patrick’s impressive credentials, check out her website. To schedule an appointment, give her office a call or schedule through Facebook. Let Dr. Patrick be your family’s partner for a lifetime of healthy eyes and clear vision.

Health Services for the Whole Family Plus Emergency and Injury Treatment Available After-Hours


  • Red Eye Treatment
  • Eye disease prevention and care
  • Diabetic Retina prevention programs
  • Foreign object removal
  • Pediatric vision development[/one_half]
  • Cataract and Macular Degeneration
  • Ocular Allergy treatment
  • Amblyopia and Vision Therapy management
  • Comprehensive healthy eye and vision exams
  • Contact lens services, including bifocal and after-Lasik designs[/one_half_last]


Carey A. Patrick, OD

1546 East Stacy Road, Suite 100

Allen, Texas 75002

(214) 383-5400

Text: Sue Aston

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