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Valeria Kresevic, DDS Angel Smile Pediatric Dentistry


Valeria Kresevic, DDS

Nothing melts hearts and spreads joy quicker than a child’s bright smile. That’s why pediatric dentist, Dr. Valeria Kresevic, has dedicated her life to providing the very best in dental care for her young patients. “My philosophy is to always make the child comfortable, first, then work to build his or her trust in me,” says Dr. Kresevic. She emphasizes that building trust is critical because she never forces a child into treatment.

Communication is Key

One of the things that sets Dr. Kresevic apart from others in the field is the fact that she doesn’t ask her dental assistants to explain recommended treatments to parents or answer their questions. Instead, she insists on always doing this herself. “It takes more time to take care of this without delegating to an assistant,” she explains, “but I think it’s worth it. That way I know the parent truly understands my treatment recommendations. Depending on the patient’s age, I also engage them in this process too.”

Effective communication is important for success in all aspects of life, but it’s absolutely crucial when it comes to developing a comprehensive oral health plan. Dr. Kresevic understands this and ensures parents can always get in touch with her by giving them her direct email address. “In addition to emailing me, parents can also call me. If I’m busy at the moment, I always return these calls the moment I’m available,” she promises.

Making Things Easier for Children and Parents

The professional staff at Angel Smile Pediatric Dentistry are kind and friendly as well as experienced and knowledgeable. Dr. Kresevic and her staff have designed the practice and environment to put their young patients at ease, relieving anxiety for both parent and child. “We worked hard to build an office space focused especially on children—their needs, and things they enjoy like toys, movies, music, books, and games,” she explains.

In addition to behavior management, Dr. Krevsevic offers some great tools to improve comfort and tolerance of dental treatments based on each child’s needs, such as laughing gas with bubble gum flavor and more, oral conscious sedation, and hospital dentistry. She is a proud member of Children’s Hospital staff. Dr. Kresevic has extensive experience treating children with a variety of disabilities, including autism, Down syndrome, and developmental delays.

Advanced Technology Means Effective and Safe Dentistry

Angel Smile Pediatric Dentistry uses the most advanced technology available to give kids in the Wylie community the best dental care possible. This high-tech equipment includes:

Intraoral cameras allow parents and children to see what Dr. Kresevic and her assistants see.

Digital imaging allows Dr. Kresevic to greatly reduce radiation exposure to her patients.

TheIsolite patient comfort system provides a comfortable place for the child patient to rest his or her jaw and a built-in suction system, eliminating the need for rinse breaks.

Sterilization and spore testing help ensure a safe and clean environment. They use the latest equipment sterilization techniques and have regular third-party spore testing.

Give your little angel the best in dental care and a great smile by making an appointment with Dr. Kresevic today.



1125 West FM 544, Suite 50
Wylie, Texas 75098
(972) 734-5922

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