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Jill Peterson, DDS, MPH, PhD

Hopefully you have a family dentist you trust, someone who partners with you to maintain the optimum health of your teeth, gums, and jaw. But there are times when a problem with a tooth is so severe it’s outside of the realm of your general dentist’s care. That’s when it’s time to call in a highly-trained endodontist to treat the inner tissue or pulp of your tooth. For many patients and general dentists in the Arlington area, that means calling Dr. Jill Peterson.

“It’s my job to save teeth by performing surgical or nonsurgical root canal therapy,” she said. It’s what she’s loved doing for 20 years. “I also treat children with developing teeth that are threatened by cavities or trauma and need pulp therapy to continue tooth development. And if a child’s tooth becomes necrotic or dead due to deep cavities, I’m implementing regenerative endodontic techniques into my practice to continue development with new pulp tissue.”

Dr. Peterson is big on patient education. “I prefer to present alternatives to pulling salvageable teeth,” she said. “I try to help my patients understand their dental disease and how I’m able to help them save their teeth. Basically, I serve as a bridge to achieve specialty care with root canal therapy and thus act as an additional provider offered by their general dentist.”

Dr. Peterson received her DDS from Baylor College of Dentistry and advanced training in Endodontics.

To stay abreast of her specialty, she partakes in cutting-edge continuing education offered across the United States and abroad.

When not on the job, Dr. Peterson divides her time between her beloved Shetland Sheepdogs who come to her through DFW Sheltie Rescue, and traveling to wonderful places to better understand our world, especially home to Castle Rock, Colorado to spend time with her family.

“As a hobby, knitting is a type of personal meditation and very calming,” she shared. “I’m an Episcopalian and have spent a couple of summer vacations attending theological training at Christ’s Church, Oxford University in England. In fact, my knitting studio is called “The Land of Yarnia”, a reference to author, CS Lewis. Theology on the other hand is not a hobby but a way of life. A profound personal commitment to Christ and connection to the Trinity is crucial to her life balance.”

She also devotes time to a non-profit organization called 29 Pieces (www.29pieces.org) in Dallas where she serves on the board of directors. The mission statement of 29 Pieces is to use art to awaken, uplift, and give voice to the creative human spirit to make a genuine, positive social change.

“Every profession is about relationships; about learning how to communicate,” she said. “In healthcare, listening is crucial. I’m blessed with an eclectic mix of patients, an outstanding staff, and exceptional referring dentists. My working world is my extended family. So, I also try to be who I am with my patients. It’s all a lot easier, when you love what you do.”


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By Meredith Knight