The Gift That Keeps On Growing

Tree giveaway benefits environment, beautifies Houston neighborhoods

Trees For Houston - Living Magazine - January 2021

For nearly 40 years, Trees For Houston has been focused on the simple mission of planting trees for the benefit of the entire community.

In December, they hosted a tree giveaway and invited community members to pick up a free tree outdoors, socially distanced, and contact-free. This was the second giveaway they have hosted, gifting 700 trees to recipients from over 60 different zip codes in the Houston area.

The distribution of these trees provided Houstonians with their own trees to plant at their homes or another location in need throughout the city to make a lasting impact on the surrounding environment.

We are committed to distributing greater numbers of trees in order to enhance our beautiful tree canopy.

Due to COVID-19, Trees For Houston was tasked with rethinking the traditional ways they fulfill its mission. The organization can continue planting trees with staff while practicing social distancing.

Additionally, Trees For Houston hosts tree giveaways frequently, distributing thousands of trees utilizing the tree stock from their nurseries.

Trees For Houston - Living Magazine - January 2021

“By planting trees and engaging the community in our projects, we are able to ensure a far-reaching impact throughout our region for future generations. We are committed to distributing greater numbers of trees in order to enhance our beautiful tree canopy,” said Executive Director Barry Ward. “Now more than ever, access to trees and greenspace has become essential. Our services and resources continue to be indispensable to our growing city.”

Tree plantings and distributions provide an opportunity for community involvement and empowerment that improves the quality of life in our neighborhoods. With the numerous social, economic, and environmental benefits provided, tree plantings genuinely are the gift that keeps growing.

Two giveaways are planned for January 9th and 23rd, at 500 trees each.

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