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Steven Titensor, DDS, PA and Brett Titensor, DDS

Dr. Steven Titensor left the comforts of California for the excitement of the Lone Star State to attend the prestigious Baylor College of Dentistry. He planned on completing dental school and returning to the west coast, but after falling in love with Texas and creating a home for himself, Dr. Steven knew he wanted to create a dental “home” for his new neighbors. It would be a welcoming place where the community and patients of all ages would have access to multiple types of treatment — all under the comfort of one roof.

His goal? To be a general dentist who goes beyond simply filling cavities and treating teeth to truly help patients get healthy, feel more confident, and get the most out of life. He’s spent his entire career in pursuit of perfecting his skills and expertise in all aspects of dentistry. Dr. Steven’s compassion and genuine concern for people were two traits instinctively instilled in his son Dr. Brett. At a very young age growing up in Dallas, Dr. Brett dreamed of following in his father’s footsteps — working with him side by side, to change lives one smile at a time.

Are You Ready For “No Drills, No Shots” Veneers?

Today, Drs. Steven and Brett are both extraordinary general dentists (with over 30 years combined experience), treating generations of loyal patients in Grapevine, Coppell, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Argyle, and even across the country. In order to keep their unique dentistry offerings state-of-the-art and up-to-date, Drs. Steven and Brett are extremely dedicated to regularly attending continuing education. This means they are always aware of and trained in the latest general, implant, TMJ and cosmetic dentistry techniques and technologies by some of the top instructors in the nation.

They oftentimes work alongside one another in treating patients for an added level of care that is hard to find anywhere else. You will commonly see Dr. Steven performing a procedure like a root canal, crowns, or dental implants, while Dr. Brett is using the office’s high-tech CEREC machine to create a new, natural-looking crown. The crown is ready to be placed immediately, helping patients enjoy a healthy, full smile for a same-day transformation.

Technology is truly at the heart of all they do. The office is one of only a few that’s equipped with a CT scan – a special device that allows Dr. Steven to do computer-guided implants using extremely precise 3D imaging. This means you’re getting the best dental care possible, in just one visit. There’s rarely ever a need to see a specialist. Titensor Dental is proud to do it all!

They’ve made it extremely easy for patients like you and your family to receive not only the care you need but also the care you deserve. Services ranging from cleanings and crowns, to root canals and no-drill DURAthin veneers, are available under one roof. In fact, Titensor Dental is one of the few general dental offices in the entire nation that offers these thin, no-prep veneers for a durable new smile.

Do You Avoid The Dentist Out of Fear?

If anxiety or fear is keeping you from seeing the dentist, Titensor Dental wants you to know that you’re not alone. According to a survey by the National Association of Dental Plans, approximately 32 percent of Americans fear the dentist and avoid treatment. That’s why Titensor Dental is one of the few offices in the Metroplex that offers IV sedation. They have a board certified anesthesiologist in the office, allowing for full mouth rehabilitation (with everything from grafting, root canals, same-day crowns, DURAthin veneers, dental implant placement, and more) to be completed in just one visit for fearful patients.

“We’ve found that one of the biggest benefits of the kind of sedation dentistry we offer is that you often feel like your dental procedure lasts just a few minutes when, realistically, some of the more complex treatments can take hours to perform,” said Dr. Steven. “We want everyone to feel good when they visit our office. Sedation dentistry helps us provide a satisfactory comfort level that helps alleviate anxiety.”

Patients from all over the country, even as far away as Hawaii, have come to Titensor Dental because of their proven experience with sedation dentistry. Many of these patients have had full mouth makeovers while asleep, in just one office visit. Wouldn’t you like to go to sleep and wake up with a completely transformed smile?

How Can Titensor Dental Help You?

You’ll find Titensor Dental’s commitment to helping people have a healthy smile and a healthy life always remains the cornerstone of their care. Dr. Steven has helped patients for decades finally feel relief from terrible headaches and TMJ pain by transforming their bite. “A balanced bite will help your teeth and dental work last longer and can also make you look younger by relaxing the muscles in your face,” Dr. Steven said. Dr. Steven and Dr. Brett are so much more than typical general, family dentists. They are changing lives and restoring confidence.

Is Your Dental Work Under Warranty? At Titensor Dental — It Will Be!

Titensor Dental makes getting the care you need simple, comfortable, and achievable by offering third-party flexible payment plans for patients without insurance, but what makes them truly stand out is their dental warranty. Dr. Steven was the first dentist in the country to offer all patients a third party warranty on their dental work as a unique guarantee to your oral health investment.

You receive “no-fault coverage” — even if you move out of state, or if something happens to your dentist. If anything causes covered dental work to fail including new decay, accident, breakage, etc., there’s no charge for repair or replacement for dental work completed under warranty.

Now, hundreds of dentists across America are starting to offer this third party dental warranty coverage to their patients, all thanks to Dr.Steven’s Dental Warranty Corporation. See MyDentalWarranty.com for more information.

“Our purpose is to increase peace-of-mind and prosperity for our partners and their patients by protecting smiles,” Dr. Steven said. It’s just another way Titensor Dental looks out for you and your family. We invite you to call or stop by our office to learn more about the comprehensive collection of dental services available to every patient, five days a week.


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