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Laila Azouggagh

Many people set goals for personal improvement but struggle to gain any traction. From losing weight to increasing personal and professional potential, they can’t seem to get results. Although people start with good intentions, they often end up spinning their wheels and never accomplishing lasting change.

If this sounds familiar to you, The Laila Approach Health and Wellness can help! Laila Azouggagh, an advanced practice provider (APP) with years of experience as a hospitalist, founded The Laila Approach Health and Wellness to help men and women of all ages reach their goals.

“We have so much access to information about healthy eating and exercise. Despite this, a huge gap exists between clients’ intentions to get healthy and the results they see. That’s where I come in,” she says. “The Laila Approach Health and Wellness educates, motivates, provides accountability, reinforces positive behavioral change, and redirects when a client is getting off track.”

Customized, Comprehensive Coaching

As a wellness professional, weight loss specialist, behavior change specialist, and certified nutritional coach, Laila partners with her clients to help them accomplish their goals in a relaxed, one-on-one setting. Clients can meet with Laila in her Allen office or schedule an online meeting if they feel more comfortable in a virtual setting.

In her years of conducting patient histories and physical examinations as an APP, Laila gained in-depth knowledge of the kind of difficulties people face in controlling their diet and chronic diseases.

“Several chronic diseases, including obesity, diabetes, and hypertension can be reversed by healthy eating and lifestyle modifications,” she says. “However, it’s not enough to simply educate people about lifestyle modification, nutrition, and exercise. It’s critical to understand the root causes of unhealthy living.”

The Laila Approach Health and Wellness use psychological principles such as the transtheoretical model of behavior, cognitive-behavioral theory, and imagery interventions. Laila uses her expertise, abilities, scientifically validated screening, and intervention techniques to help her clients adopt healthy habits and improve their quality of life.

Clients can choose from three programs that span three to 12 months. Laila often recommends clients choose the 12-month program because it gives them plenty of time to build new habits and get the results they want.

“When it comes to choosing a program, it all depends on what clients want to work on. They may want to focus on one thing or many things,” she says. “Any quick, short-term fad will not last long term. To be healthy, we have to make changes that will become daily habits. I help my clients change bad habits and replace them with new ones through coaching and behavioral modification.”

Achieve a Better Quality of Life

If you feel stuck in achieving your goals and feeling your best, reach out to The Laila Approach Health and Wellness. Laila will partner with you to develop customized strategies and methods to overcome your obstacles and achieve your aspirations. Visit to book an appointment today and receive a 20% discount on your first program.


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