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Vicki McConnell has a sign in her office at McKinney Dentist that reads, “You can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mouth.” It’s something she believes whole-heartedly—so much so that she’s devoted almost four decades of her life to helping her dental patients achieve that healthy mouth.

“Medical research has found mounting evidence that chronic inflammation is a contributing factor in a whole host of diseases,” she said. “If you have infection or inflammation in your mouth, you also have elevated inflammation in your body. One and a half million American men and women suffer a heart attack or stroke each year and 800,000 don’t survive. A healthy mouth can take this risk factor out of the equation.”

After 38 years as a dental hygienist—35 at McKinney Dentist—Vicki is all about education. “Some of my patients have been coming to me since my first days here,” she said. “Others came to me as kids and are now bringing their own children to me. I’ve been thrilled to see our patients becoming more aware of the direct link between the health of their mouth and the health of the rest of their bodies. I’m blessed to know I’ve played a part in improving the lives and health of so many patients.”

Her fellow hygienist, Wendi Simmers, couldn’t agree more. “I’ve always been someone who loves to help people,” she said. “This is the ultimate way I can make a difference—making people healthy and giving them a great smile.” Wendi came to McKinney Dentist as a hygienist in 1997 after working as a dental assistant for seven years before that.

“McKinney Dentist is home,” she said. “I love everyone who works here and my patients. It’s a joy to come to work each day. I don’t even like to call it work. I’m just so blessed to do the thing I love with people I love, helping people I love.”

It’s no wonder McKinney Dentist patients who leave Texas or move elsewhere in the state often return, even for their routine checkups. “I have patients in Oklahoma and Colorado and many who live in Fort Worth or Downtown Dallas who come all this way to see us,” Wendi said. “And we always do our best to fit them in.”

“We try to be a sympathetic ear for our patients,” Vicki said. “Patients love coming here because everyone gets along so well. It’s a happy place to work and visit. And we’re very blessed to be at a practice where we can offer them the latest and best technology.”

McKinney Dentist operates under a “yes philosophy” offering everything their patients need under one roof, including dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, root canals, oral surgery, fillings, sedation, Invisalign, and treatment for snoring and sleep apnea. And with five top-rated dentists and nine hygienists, there’s always someone available when you need them.

1760 West Virginia Street, Suite 100
McKinney, Texas 75069
(972) 547-6453 [972-54-SMILE]  |

By Meredith Knight Photo by Scott Peek Photography

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