The Cleaning Force Sarah Cromwell, Owner


The Cleaning Force Sarah Cromell, Owner

The Cleaning Force
Sarah Cromwell, Owner

Did you know that hiring a professional house cleaning service can make you happier, healthier, and more productive? According to research published by the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, it’s true. The researchers found that when people feel overwhelmed by a cluttered and dirty home, they experience increased rates of depression and fatigue.

Physicians who examined the participants found those with untidy homes had increased levels of serum cortisol—a stress hormone. Likewise, they discovered that participants who kept their homes organized and clean exercised more, slept better, and had better nutrition habits. Most people nowadays have overpacked schedules as it is, and trying to clean and organize everything properly only overwhelms and adds to stress. Instead, consider hiring a professional cleaning service—and if you live in the greater Dallas area, contact The Cleaning Force.

More than meets the eye

The team at The Cleaning Force, headed up by company owner Sarah Cromwell, does more than just clean the surface and tidy up what meets the eye. Dirt and grime can hide in out-of-the-way corners and in surprising places, like just under the rim of your sink faucets. Not only is it a little creepy knowing that there’s grime lurking in places you don’t see, it also provides an environment for mold and pathogens to flourish. But The Cleaning Force’s highly-trained, experienced cleaning team knows exactly where to find and eliminate all the hidden dirt.

“People hire us because we have extremely reliable cleaning technicians and are known for our consistently high quality services,” Sarah says. You could spend many hours a week just trying to keep up with the most basic cleaning duties. And that’s on top of your job or other daily obligations! Is that the best use of your free time? Instead, choose from the variety of packages and services offered by The Cleaning Force. Each package is customizable and there are side menu items you can choose to add as needed. Imagine having full use of your leisure time to pursue creative endeavors, relax with family, or socialize.

Sarah recommends a Top to Bottom Deluxe Clean package for the first visit. After that, you decide which recurring services you’d like and choose the frequency. “We serve clients with a wide range of living situations, from the elderly to families to young singles and families with special needs,” Sarah explains. In addition to ongoing services for clients, they provide professional move-in and move-out services as well. If you’re planning to sell your home, you want to make sure it’s pristine and clean before prospective buyers come to tour the inside. Likewise, it’s a good idea to have a team of professionals sanitize and clean any home you plan to move into.

A clean and tidy home brings peace of mind. Free your mind—let The Cleaning Force do your dirty work.

Your Trusted Cleaning Company

  • All cleaning technicians are hand picked
  • All technicians complete regular training courses
  • Provides guaranteed cleaning services
  • Custom services to meet each individual client’s needs
  • Use safe, effective eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • We provide all necessary supplies and equipment
  • Family owned and operated

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By Samantha Gluck Photo by Scott Peek Photography