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Drs. Eddie Mairura and John Harris were both unmistakably drawn toward a career as an orthopaedic surgeon but that drawing looked very different for the two men. As Dr. Mairura recalled, “During my second year of medical school, my uncle was diagnosed with osteosarcoma of the pelvis. I took him to his appointments at the Mayo Clinic and there I met his treating orthopaedic surgeon, Michael Yaszemski. I was intrigued by his bedside manner, his compassion, level of knowledge, and communication skills. Dr. Yaszemski kept in touch with me and offered me the opportunity to work in his lab and perform research. It was during this time that I decided to become an orthopaedic surgeon; to one day help people with musculoskeletal issues the way Dr. Yaszemski helped my uncle.”

As for John Harris, he took up woodworking, to relieve stress during med school. As he related, “I was already drawn toward medicine, because I had a desire to help change people’s lives with new and exciting medical technology. But my interest in orthopaedic surgery began when I realized I liked treating injured patients more than I do sick patients. Then I really fell in love with the field of orthopaedics from the first case I saw that involved drills, screwdrivers, and all kinds of tools just like the ones in my garage. It was fascinating. And I was hooked.”

Orthopaedic Specialists

And two gifted orthopaedic surgeons were born. Today they care for patients with a wide range of orthopaedic problems, each doctor with his own specialties. “I have top-notch, up-to-date training in the latest techniques for treating focal cartilage injuries in the knee and shoulder which today include a variety of options,” Dr. Harris said. “I also have the most up-to-date training in arthroscopic techniques for shoulder and knee injuries of many sorts and a special interest in focusing on these injuries in athletes and getting them back to their sport as soon as possible.”

Individualized Care

Dr. Mairura has a special interest in knee arthritis, hip arthritis, and patients with day-to-day trauma-related injuries. “I love to listen to my patient’s needs and provide them with the best evidence-based options that maximize non-surgical treatment and allow them to have surgery after a thorough understanding of all their options,” he said. “I work with my patients to meet their expectations and allow them to get back to their daily activities and hobbies.”

Full Range of Services

At their bustling Texas Orthopaedic Surgical Associates in Mansfield, they provide a complete range of orthopaedic services, specializing in adult joint reconstruction, sports medicine and athletic injuries, shoulder and knee arthroscopic surgery, trauma, foot and ankle surgery, surgery of the shoulder and upper extremity, physical therapy, and imaging services, as well as fracture and soft tissue injury treatment.

Meet the Bone Doctors

Dr. Eddie Mairura
Dr. John Harris

When not on the job, Dr. Mairura enjoys spending his free time with his family and his significant other, Selina. “We attend church together on weekends and are constantly making new friends in the DFW area,” he said. “Being from Minnesota, I enjoy the lake and when the weather allows, I like to go speed boating and tubing at Joe Pool Lake. I enjoy working out, watching sporting events either on TV or in person, notably NFL and NBA. We enjoy travelling as well having enjoyed beautiful cities and countries like Nairobi- Kenya, Maldives, and Dubai in the last several months.” 

Dr. Harris still enjoys woodworking and building everything from dining tables to beds to buffets.  “I’m a huge fan of bass fishing and really enjoy hunting when I can get around to it,” he said. “I’m also a huge sports fan, first and foremost following the Arkansas Razorbacks (alma mater) followed by the Dallas Cowboys who are due any year now for a new ring. But my true passion is spending time with my wonderful wife and our four children playing in the backyard, going to parks, wrestling, reading books, and rushing between hockey, baseball, and dance classes.”

Enriching Our Community

Both busy doctors find time to give of themselves to make the community a better place to live and work. Dr. Mairura is involved in community service outreach programs some of which are church-based and some from his prior connections from Minnesota. “I provide mentoring for some young adults I’ve met in church, allowing them to shadow and spend time with me during my clinic and surgery hours,” he said. “I also do guest lectures for an organization in Minnesota that seeks to help underserved young adults gain entry into college and advance their careers.”

Dr. Harris and his wife are starting young teaching their kids (the oldest of which is seven) the importance of giving to the community. “We try to get our kids active in community service events especially around holidays when people really need to see people who care for them doing various activities such as the salvation army bell ringers, working soup kitchens, etc.,” he said. “Since we moved to the area last August, we’ve been on the lookout for ways to plug in.”

Although both men are experienced surgeons, they only consider surgery after all conservative options have been exhausted. “Advances in our field have been remarkable,” Dr. Harris said. “Many procedures that needed open surgery in the past, particularly in the shoulder, can be dealt with using less invasive arthroscopic techniques with excellent results.” But even with these less-invasive options, Drs. Harris and Mairura only discuss surgery with their patients as a last resort.

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By Meredith Knight

Photo By Lauren Madean