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Erica Sails, MD

Dr. Erica Sails is a woman on a mission. That mission—to help others achieve optimal health through nutrition, exercise, medicine, and education. Her journey began at the age of five when she decided she wanted to become a physician. “My parents instilled in me a determination to give my best in everything and to do all unto the glory of God,” she said. “I was blessed to have teachers, parents, a church, and a community that poured into me.”

This was evidenced by having a community OB-Gyn mentor, Dr. Ellis.  He allowed her to shadow him in the office and even in the birthing suite as a high school student. “My experience in Dr. Ellis’ office and the hospital reinforced my decision to become a physician,” she said.  She worked hard and graduated valedictorian of her high school class; obtained entrance to Northwestern University in Illinois, where she continued to excel and obtained a BA in Chemistry, while completing premed studies.

Dr. Sails was accepted into the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago. It was an exciting yet challenging time. The sheer volume of information to assimilate and retain made Northwestern look like Kindergarten next to medical school. There were many lessons learned in this process including humility and perseverance. Dr. Sails graduated from UIC-COM with her MD degree and moved forward to residency. She had realized the dream that had started long ago at the age of 5.

“I firmly believed I was called by God to medicine, so I endured residency and learned to enjoy the experience,” she said. I had an amazing training and served as Chief Resident in my third year. The discipline and focus had paid off. Yet, one of the greatest challenges still lied ahead.

“My mom was diagnosed with a terminal cancer. Little did I know that she would live only eight months after her diagnosis,” Dr. Sails said. “During that time, she encouraged me to continue my residency and to press on to become the family physician God called me to be. She taught me to see beyond the surface of things and see the matters of the heart. This has given me a unique perspective with my patients and has helped me relate to them in ways I couldn’t have imagined.” “I enjoy partnering with my patients to set SMART goals to help prevent—and in some cases—reverse the progression of lifestyle disease,” she said.

“Through my journey, I’ve learned what makes life worth living is giving. That is giving of yourself – time, knowledge, resources, and empathy,” Dr. Sails said. “I’m grateful my mom introduced me to God and through her life taught me valuable lessons, one of which is not to live my life in vain. The other is that only what we do for others will last.”

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By Meredith Knight Photo by Lauren Medean

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