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Better Health Better Performance Under One Roof
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By Meredith Knight

You may have a fitness coach who keeps you motivated, a sports performance coach helping your child reach their goals, and a trusted sports medicine doctor, orthopedist, or physical therapist who’s helped you or your family members recover from an injury. Now, imagine if all these trusted specialists were occupying the same space and collaborating. That’s the concept behind the 360-degree care offered at the Texas Health Athlete Complex located on the Texas Health Allen campus.

The performance coach from Athlete Training and Health (ATH) who’s working with you to help you get healthier, stronger, or faster or come back after an injury is only steps away from your physical therapist, so the two can easily consult if needed. Likewise, that physical therapist is within walking distance of fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons and a primary care sports medicine specialist, should there be questions, concerns, or observations. And they’re all located together in a 31,000-square-foot sports complex designed to keep you and your family at your physical best no matter your age or fitness level.

“More important than the proximity is the communication among the specialists in the building,” said ATH Chief Strategy Officer, Danny Cooper. “Your physical therapist understands what your performance coach is doing and why—and vice versa. And the two are working cooperatively with your orthopedist, nutritionist, and concussion management doctor. You have a team of professionals in different but related spaces, all collaborating on your health and personal fitness.”

Whether you’re a collegiate, high school, or pro athlete looking to get faster and stronger, an adult who wants to stay healthy, lose weight, and be more active, or someone working their way back from an injury or surgery, this new facility is Texas Health Allen’s way of offering the community better health and better performance—all under one roof.

“We’re placing the medical component and the fitness component together, so you’re not running all over town. Instead, you’re coming to this one location to receive world-class, science-based athletic training and world-class medicine from professionals working together, not separately,” Danny said.


You don’t have to be injured to benefit from this collaboration. “Our unique programs can provide any athlete or active adult the entire spectrum of fitness and wellness and help keep you from getting injured,” said Dr. Andrew Parker of Texas Health Orthopedic Specialists. “With so many athletes coming through, there’s a large research component where we’re able to gather data on their performance and establish a baseline. In the event of an injury, we can revisit that baseline, determine how the injury may have occurred, then work with ATH’s performance coaches so it doesn’t happen again.”

The collaborative nature of the program makes care comprehensive and cohesive. “The doctor can evaluate you then send you upstairs to see the physical therapist immediately,” Dr. Parker said. “Or he might say, ‘Let’s get the physical therapist down here to talk about what we’re seeing.’ The more brains looking at the problem, the more likely we’re able to get you back where you want to be.”


There’s also a dynamic assessment component. “We’ve always viewed the hospital as a pillar within the community,” said ATH’s Chief Performance Officer Micheál Cahill, PhD. “This new facility allows us to reinforce the preventive aspect of that pillar. We’re a revolving door of health. From preoperative care through the latter stages of rehabilitation, our goal is for a sustainable and consistent lifestyle model where fitness and performance become a natural part of life.”

“We follow an evaluate, educate, elevate model,” says Micheál. “We’re constantly evaluating our athletes. Utilizing Texas Health Sports Medicine’s 3D motion lab, we can collaborate with their physical therapists to identify a deficit that could lead to an injury. Then our coaches can work with this real-time data to reduce deficiencies and get you back quicker and stronger than you were before.”

Looking Forward

“Traditionally, hospitals have been focused on sick care,” said Texas Health Allen President Jared Shelton. “We’re taking things to the next level. Texas Health has always been about looking for ways to improve the health and wellbeing of the communities we serve. With these fitness and wellness services under one roof, we’ve taken all the necessary parts of an athlete’s journey and located them together—for all ages and abilities—keeping our communities healthy and active.”

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For more information on the Texas Health Athlete Complex, visit TexasHealth.org/AllenAthlete.


Texas Health Athlete Complex
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