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Dr. Jeff Lynch has heard it for years: “I hate my teeth!” For too many of his patients at McKinneyDentist.com, their teeth are a constant source of anxiety, pain, embarrassment, and expense. He became a dentist, in fact, to help people like them. “Millions of Americans suffer a lifetime of debilitating dental problems that drastically affect their physical and psychological wellness,” he said.  “Problems with their teeth keep them from enjoying everyday life and rob them of healthy self-esteem.”

Fortunately, Dr. Lynch has joined other forward-thinking dental professionals in embracing the latest miracle in dental restoration. “Teeth Tomorrow puts an end to the suffering, embarrassment, and inconvenience caused by missing and failing teeth,” he said. “My patients enjoy eating again. They’re proud of their smile—some of them for the first time in their lives. Gone is the constant pain, discomfort, and insecurity of bad teeth. Most importantly, Teeth Tomorrow significantly improves their overall health by eliminating disease and infections in their mouths that can enter their body.”

Teeth Tomorrow allows Dr. Lynch to offer his patients at McKinneyDentist.com permanent, natural-looking teeth, custom-made to their personal requirements.  They never have to take them out. They brush them like normal teeth and can eat and smile with confidence. “It’s been a real godsend for so many of my patients,” Dr. Lynch said. “And a five-year study, published in the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, showed them to have an over 99 percent success rate.”

How it Works

Teeth Tomorrow is a full-arch bridge that’s precision-milled from a solid block of Prettau Zirconia porcelain to provide a permanent solution to major dental problems. Dr. Lynch anchors the bridge to dental implants that replace your teeth, and you never take it out. Your full-arch bridge implant looks like naturally healthy teeth and gums. But unlike normal teeth, they don’t attract plaque and won’t chip or break. Teeth Tomorrow out-performs and out-lasts bridges made from plastic or a combination of acrylic and denture teeth, putting an end, once and for all, to the suffering that comes from living with missing, decaying, and broken teeth or unreliable dentures.

In McKinney, Texas, Teeth Tomorrow are exclusively available at McKinneyDentist.com, which has been called “The Dental Practice of the Future,” by Dental Economics Magazine. Since 2005, McKinneyDentist.com has provided a one-stop-shop for every dental need, from children’s dentistry to dentures; from simple fillings to full smile makeovers; from Invisalign braces to dental implants; from help with snoring and TMJ to same-day crowns, three types of sedation options, Facelift Dentures, and now Teeth Tomorrow—all under one roof.

If you suffer from major recurring dental problems that make eating painful, are missing teeth, or your damaged teeth make you reluctant to smile, call (833) 2-MORROW to schedule a free consultation and find out whether you’re a candidate for Teeth Tomorrow.

Find out more at TeethTomorrowMcKinney.com or McKinneyDentist.com.


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By Meredith Knight

Photography By AimeeLouise Photography