How to take the Modern Family Portrait

You’ve booked a portrait time and broken the news to your family. Now the real drama begins.  What should everyone wear? Too many times family pictures are a sea of black or clichéd variations of white shirts and jeans.

Follow these ten easy steps to get beyond the matchy-matchy trap and into blissful modern coordination.


  1. Choose one or two bright or bold colors that you love!
  2. Use those colors as the accents that run through the looks you choose for your entire family.
  3. Choose two or three neutrals that compliment the bold colors.
  4. Some great examples of modern color palettes are: A) orange, chocolate, khaki and navy B) lime green, grey, black and white C) Purple, grey, yellow and white.
  5. Make sure the looks you pick out for each member of your family represents their own personal style. This will give your photo a wonderful individual feel to it.
  6. Include a print that ties in all the colors on at least one or two of the family looks.
  7. Don’t be afraid to mix prints, but make sure they compliment and don’t clash.
  8. Different textures really make a picture come to life.  Feel free to pick out a couple looks with interesting texture – i.e : sheer, linen, knitted sweater, denim, and embroidery. It gives it a three dimensional feel.
  9. It is important to have a more relaxed feeling for the picture.  Garments don’t need to be super starched or completely wrinkle free. Buttoned up or tucked in completely. This also helps to add to the nice texture in your picture.
  10. Spread out your looks on the table or floor and make sure they all flow nicely together. You might even want to figure out where you will put everyone based on the colors in your looks ahead of time. Having a plan ahead of time saves frustration and cuts down on the anxiety about the shoot.     How to take the Modern Family Portrait


And remember to have FUN – nothing looks better on you or your family than happiness!

By Jeanette Chivvis

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