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Suzanne Thai, DDS

“I THREW UP ON MY WAY TO THE DENTIST.” Have you ever felt the urge to do that, knowing that you had a dental appointment? There is this ever-lingering anxiety when going to the dentist. This very thing happened to a patient coming to see Dr. Suzanne Thai. “She was a new patient,” Dr. Thai said. “She actually cancelled her first appointment, because she was so anxious, then showed up for the second one not looking well at all.” The patient told Dr. Thai that she had to pull over two times to throw up. “Believe it or not, I hear stories like this all of the time,” she said. “I just make sure that with every patient, I take the time to help reassure them that I’m going to do my best to make this the best dental experience they have ever had.” Dr. Thai slowed things down and gave her new patient a chance to talk person-to-person, NOT dentist-to-patient.

Dr. Suzanne Thai is a woman with a mission. Her mission? To change the impression many of her patients have about going to the dentist. “With the advanced dentistry available today, there’s no reason a trip to the dentist shouldn’t be a happy, enjoyable experience,” she said. At least once a week, she hears praise from a patient who formerly dreaded their time in the dental chair, and now—amazingly—looks forward to it.

“She told me about her deep-seated fear about going to the dentist,” Dr. Thai said. “It was a fear that went back years. I offered her oral sedation which allowed her to completely relax and vaguely remember the experience afterward. You should have seen her when she returned for her next appointment. It was night and day. In fact, the next time she didn’t even require oral sedation and smiled through the entire appointment.”

All in a day’s work for Dr. Suzanne Thai. “I offer a wide range of options for anyone afraid of the dentist, from nitrous to oral sedation. My team and I do whatever we can to make them comfortable and help them conquer their fears. Most importantly, we take our time, never rush a patient, get to know them as a person, and allow them to really know us. Working in someone’s mouth is a very personal thing. Mutual respect and trust goes a long way.”

Of course, Dr. Thai sometimes makes her patients cry… tears of JOY, that is. “I had a female patient whose confidence and personality had been negatively affected for years by the appearance of her teeth and her smile,” Dr. Thai said. “She avoided smiling and would not even look me in the eye. I sat down with her and talked about the way she’d like her smile to look. Then we discussed all of the cosmetic dentistry options that could give her a smile to be proud of.”

In the end, she went with a complete smile makeover and the difference was astounding. “I’ll never forget the minute she looked in the mirror,” Dr. Thai said. “She started sobbing, overwhelmed with the improved appearance of her smile and told me, ‘You’ve done more for me than you can ever imagine.

I haven’t smiled in the last five years.’ That’s when I cried too. It’s really amazing to be able to do a job I love and change people’s view of themselves, as well as changing their view of dentistry.”

She also empowers them with the information they need to keep their teeth, gums, and bone at optimum health, especially important since health of the mouth is linked in many ways to health throughout the body. One man came to Dr. Thai very proud of his “Hollywood smile.” He’d recently moved to the area from another state and had to find a new dentist. “Do you like my smile, Doc?” he asked. He’d spent about $40,000, and was thrilled with the results. But, when Dr. Thai did a thorough exam, she found his teeth were extremely loose. She asked him when the last time was that he’d been to the dentist. He said it had been 10 years. “He said no one emphasized the significance of going to his dentist to maintain his oral health. He wasn’t educated properly on how to take care of his teeth, and the gums and bone surrounding them. In the end, I had to tell him he had to have all of his teeth pulled. He was devastated.” she said. “That should have never happened. I involve my entire staff in patient education. We are our patients’ biggest cheerleaders and want to give them everything they need to take optimum oral health into their own hands.”

Swisher Dental is one of a handful of dental offices certified to offer patients Perio Protect, which is a new way of saving teeth that have been compromised due to bone loss. It can eliminate bad breath, and prevent bone loss and gum disease. “We are so excited to offer this service to our patients. We’re seeing phenomenal results.”

“Dentistry is the perfect job for me, because I’m a voracious learner,” she said. “I love nothing more than undertaking continuing education classes (which I do at least once a month) and learning all I can about a new discovery, technology, or technique. I want my patients to have the absolute best, cutting-edge care I can offer. It really is an exciting time to be a dentist.

Other high-tech offerings at Swisher Dental include an early-detection laser cavity finder that detects cavities at its earliest stages, and can often be restored without numbing or injections. “More advanced cavities require more extensive work and can lead to root canals,” Dr. Thai said. “Early detection allows us to treat a cavity when it’s small and save more of the natural tooth, which is always our goal.”

When not on the job, Dr. Thai enjoys time with her husband, a local chiropractor, and their young son, Connor, making memories by traveling. She’s proud to say Connor has already announced he’d like to be a dentist when he grows up. Dr. Thai was chosen Best of Denton County Family Dentist in 2015 and was a top three finalist for Best of Denton County Cosmetic Dentist in 2016.

The first 20 callers that call (940) 312-6939 and mention that they saw Swisher Dental in Living Magazine will receive a free comprehensive examination, digital X-rays, and HD quality intraoral pictures of their mouth so that Dr. Thai can fully assess their oral health and keep them smiling for life.


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