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By Meredith Knight

Twenty years ago, Lynn Rozak experienced a major life change. That change in a word? Yoga. Now, she spends her days sharing the difference yoga can make for anyone, at any age, and any fitness level. “Yoga helped me become the best version of myself,” she said. “Every day I see it improving the quality of life for those who come to my studio.”

Lynn’s journey began after the birth of her first son. “I needed to get in shape, tone up, and slim down,” she said. “But as a new working mother, I was exhausted. I looked into yoga because it seemed laid-back, bought a few videos, and started at home.” Lynn realized immediately she’d hit upon something different than anything else she’d tried. When her son was old enough, she began taking classes.

Then a weird thing happened. Lynn found herself crying after yoga classes. “What I didn’t know then is that during yoga, the body releases emotional baggage you don’t even know you’re carrying around,” she said. “This release helps your mind clear and your body become stronger.” What really sold Lynn on the benefits of yoga was a difficult period in her life when her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and her father with heart disease. With three children under the age of four, Lynn often came to her yoga mat loaded down with exhaustion and despair. But she immerged with hope and a plan to help her parents and my family.

“I’d find my breath and my scene of calm, no matter the challenge,” she said. That’s when she began her training to become a teacher. In 2012, Lynn’s husband constructed a shack in which to teach and Sunshine Yoga was born. Six years later, she introduced aerial yoga which she says feels like swimming and flying at the same time. “Aerial is a challenge but it’s something everyone can learn,” Lynn said. “If you sincerely want to learn, I can teach you and you’ll love it!”

One goal for Lynn has always been to make yoga more welcoming and inclusive of newcomers. “I vowed to make a studio where everyone feels welcome,” she said, “We are like a second home to our members. We have a beautiful studio, where all types of people come to learn and practice yoga together—with no judgement.

At Sunshine Yoga Shack, every class is for everybody. Beginners learn. Experienced yogis take their practice to the next level. “Every day I’m inspired by the people at our studio,” she said. “Watching someone use yoga and aerial as a catalyst for change physically, mentally, and energetically gets me out of bed in the morning. It shows me we all are the same and have the same ability to change and grow to a better version of ourselves.” Visit to find out about yoga and aerial memberships at Sunshine Yoga Shack.

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