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As a parent, when you want to find the best orthodontic professional for your child, how do you decide? You look for a doctor who was top in their class, with a caring personality whose office is updated with the latest technology in orthodontic care and you take a poll of all the parents you trust, right? Well, that’s precisely how thousands of McKinney area parents have come to choose Smiles Hollywood Style Orthodontics for their child’s orthodontist. Not only do they have all the right stuff, but this is a fun place where kids, teens, and adults love to go!

Walking into the office is like attending a Hollywood premier or opening night at your favorite performing arts venue. The office is filled with life-sized characters of your favorite actors, Spider Man, Marilyn Monroe, Yoda and many more. There’s also a real movie theatre, a hot chocolate/cappuccino bar for refreshments, and an Under-the-Sea themed section for the little ones. Of course, there’s free wifi, a homework study area, and a game station with the latest, cool, and exciting video games.

And behind all this fun is a kid at heart, Dr. Stephanie Crise. She was named valedictorian of her dental class and is also a lifelong thespian, singer, and dancer. “When I started my office in McKinney twenty years ago, I wanted to combine my passion for orthodontics with my love of movies and theatre to create a place where going to the orthodontist would be fun. Movies and theatre were a big part of my life. I was the kid who saw Star Wars 29 times in fifth grade.”

Smiles Hollywood Style Orthodontics is extraordinarily unique, as evidenced by the fierce loyalty of their patient families, some of whom commute from as far away as San Antonio and Arkansas, even Bolivia, Argentina and Russia. “People will go where they feel cared for,” Dr. Crise said. “We take it as a huge compliment when our patients come so far to be treated.”

Part of that loyalty is due, no doubt, to the team atmosphere Dr. Crise and her associate, Dr. Jessica Downs, have created with their staff. “Jessica has been with me for 14 years and she’s fantastic,” Dr. Crise said. “She’s great to work with and the patients love her.

And we’re blessed to have staff who are as dedicated to our patients as we are. They are what makes this office a success.”

For Dr. Crise and her team, customer service is the utmost priority. “We want our patients to feel like this is their home away from home,” she said. “Our goal is to know our patients personally and treat them like family. You’re not just a patient at Smiles Hollywood Style, you’re a ‘star’ and it’s our job to make you feel like one.”

Dr. Crise offers two-phase orthodontic treatment which combines tooth straightening and skeletal facial changes, which can often alleviate the need for more invasive treatment options such as jaw surgery or the extraction of permanent teeth. She’s also experienced in surgical orthodontics (orthognathic surgery) to correct severe cases that include severe overbite, jaw discrepancies, and malocclusion. To avoid more aggressive treatment approaches, Dr. Crise recommends patients be seen by age eight to determine whether they’d benefit from early orthodontic treatment. Sometimes patients can simply be monitored as their permanent teeth come in and wait to start braces later in their early teens. “The initial consultation is free, so there’s no reason not to do it,” she said.

Since no two patients are the same, Drs. Crise and Downs offer a variety of options from newest high-tech braces like Damon and In-Ovation braces, clear/invisible braces, and Invisalign/clear tooth aligners. “We spend time with patients and their parents educating them about their options and the benefits of each, then help them decide which is right for them,” she said.

Dr. Stephanie Crise and Dr. Jessica Downs

But it’s not just kids finding excellence in orthodontics at Smiles Hollywood Style. About 20% of the patients are adults, some as old as 60 or 70. “You’re never too old to have a beautiful, healthy, fully-functioning smile,” Dr. Crise said. “Having straight teeth is not just about aesthetics. When teeth are misaligned, they’re harder to care for and keep healthy at any age. Misaligned teeth can also lead to headaches, neck pain, and jaw pain.”

For her older patients, Dr. Crise offers Invisalign/clear tooth aligners and other “invisible” braces. For patient convenience, an in-house lab technician can make retainers and tooth aligners on site while you wait. “Aligners are good options for adult patients who don’t want traditional metal braces on their teeth. But surprisingly many adult patients opt for braces since the newer clear braces are actually extremely beautiful.” And there’s a special private section of the office just for adults.

Drs. Crise and Downs employ the latest, cutting-edge technology and digital imaging for the success and comfort of their patients. A huge plus are their extended office hours, so your kids don’t have to miss a lot of school nor you a lot of work to see the orthodontist. They keep things fun with frequent rewards programs and prizes for their patients and even run a popular golf-cart “shuttle” for students at Dowell Middle School.

Dr. Crise still loves going to the movies, in her spare time, but she does so now with her husband and three kids. She squeezes in a theatrical performance, when she can, and regularly speaks at schools, community events, church and charity functions. She and her team support local schools and sponsor an annual beach party with all proceeds benefitting the Samaritan Inn homeless shelter. If you’re looking for an amazing office for great orthodontics that your whole family will love, Smiles Hollywood Style Orthodontics is definitely the place to go!

Did you know?

Although some general dentists offer some types of braces, an orthodontist is a specialist with a three-year master’s degree in orthodontia. Just as you’d consult a cardiologist for a heart condition or a podiatrist for a foot or ankle condition, an orthodontist is the most qualified person to straighten your misaligned teeth.


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By Meredith Knight

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