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Teddy Maltezos, DC

Born and raised in New York, Teddy Maltezos says of his childhood, “I was raised Greek; like My Big Fat Greek Wedding Greek.” His was an idyllic childhood save for one thing: he had to watch the mother he worshipped undergo more than 50 operations because of polio. “I love my mom more than anything else in the world,” he said. “With all she went through, I never heard her complain.” Teddy decided as soon as he was old enough, he’d become a doctor and he’d “fix” his mother.

He excelled in high school and began his premed studies. Then in 1991 something happened that changed the course of his life. “I was delivering pizzas to help pay for school when my Camaro was broadsided by a drunk driver in a van,” he said. He doesn’t remember much from the accident, save for the sound of a revving engine then a chainsaw cutting him from the car.

“I couldn’t talk, glass was in my throat, and the left side of my body wouldn’t work,” Teddy said. “But the experience at the hospital was worse. People were stabbing me and poking me. I was in so much pain and I kept wondering, ‘Why are they torturing me?’”

Three days later, Teddy left the hospital with little use of the left side of his body. Over the next several months, he spent hours in doctors’ waiting rooms to see a doctor for three or four minutes and receive yet another prescription medication. “There was no compassion,” he said. “I asked one doctor when I could return to kickboxing. He laughed and told me, ‘You’ll never do that again’.”

Then a friend encouraged Teddy to see his chiropractor. He didn’t even know what a chiropractor was. But soon he was struggling into an exam room on his crutches. “He twisted me and turned me. Then he told me to get up,” Teddy said. “I told him I needed my crutches. He told me to get up without them. And I did.”

He quit pre-med that day and applied to chiropractic school. Now he spends his days offering that same kind of relief to others. “I’ve been told that chiropractic is the one profession you don’t choose,” Teddy said. “It chooses you. All I know is people come to me with pain and they leave without pain. Then they bring me their kids, their friends, their parents, their fiancées to me.”

“Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on treating disease once it occurs, on masking the symptoms of disease,” he said. “Chiropractic emphasizes improving your health to reduce the risk of pain and illness in the first place and searching out the reason for a problem then helping the body heal itself, the way it’s designed to do.”

In addition to wellness maintenance, Dr. Maltezos offers advanced spinal correction, spinal decompression for lower back and neck pain, physiotherapy, and nutritional counseling. “My patients, my staff, and I are a family,” he said.


4851 Legacy Drive, Suite 307

Frisco, Texas 75034

(972) 377-3909


By Meredith Knight

Photography by Bob Woodfin Photography

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