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By David Buice

Childhood experiences remain with us throughout our lifetime, often in a positive way, and this has been true for Nidhi Jaiswal, DDS. Growing up in India, she has vivid memories of the extensive dental care her brother went through and his great fear of the procedures, a fear she also shared. But rather than driving her away from dentistry, these childhood experiences led her to a career in dentistry and a commitment to overcoming patient fears of dental treatment.

A Clinic Name with a Purpose

After completing her dental studies in India, Dr. Jaiswal came to the U.S. for additional training at Virginia Commonwealth University before opening her clinic in McKinney.

When naming her practice in North Texas, she fell back on another childhood memory, gazing at the stars. As a girl, she always derived great pleasure and a feeling of peace and tranquility looking at the stars, something she still enjoys. It led her to name her clinic in McKinney Starlite Dental.

“I hope,” she says, “that while patients are in our office, they will be as relaxed and as free of stress and fear as I am when I’m gazing at the stars in the heavens.”

A Dedication to Comfort

This emphasis on putting all patients at ease is apparent when you first walk in the door of Starlite Dental. New patients are given a patient care interview, their dental needs are discussed, and all procedures and expected outcomes are carefully explained by Dr. Jaiswal and her assistants before any treatment begins.

Patients are also treated to a beverage bar, scented candles, and aroma diffusers with essential oils, along with blankets, pillows, and noise-cancelling headphones, all for the purpose of making a visit to Starlite Dental as pleasurable and stress-free as possible.

Non-judgmental Treatment

Many people put off scheduling a dental appointment because of their fear but procrastination can create an additional dread — the fear of being judged and scolded once you arrive for treatment.

This never happens at Starlite Dental. While preferring that everyone get regular dental cleanings and exams, Dr. Jaiswal says, “We really don’t care how long it’s been since your last treatment. You’ll never be judged here, and everyone is treated the same way.”

Advanced Dental Technology

Starlite Dental also provides its patients with the latest and most advanced dental technology for fast, efficient, and conservative treatment. The technology includes digital X-rays that find and diagnose dental issues before they can be seen by the naked eye and a CT/cone beam scanner that provides a 3D, X-ray images of patients’ teeth, gums, and surrounding oral structures, which helps in formulating individualized patient treatment.

No Anxiety

Because of her unwavering commitment to patient comfort, Dr. Jaiswal has rightly earned the title of the “No Anxiety Dentist.” Summing up her practice, she says, “What we want is for our guests to become patients, and our patients to become friends and part of the Starlite Dental family.”


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