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For many residents of Plano, Frisco and the surrounding area, there’s no need to travel long distances for superior dental care. Star Ranch Dental pairs a passion for excellent service with the latest clinical and technological advances in oral health care. Located at West Parker and the Tollway, Peter R. Barnett, D.M.D., Courtney L. Geiger, D.D.S., and team provide a broad range of services including general dental (cleanings, tooth colored fillings, crowns) and cosmetic dentistry (veneers, whitening, ortho), along with more specialized services such as TruDenta, a noninvasive therapeutic program for head neck and jaw pain, periodontal therapy, implants, and MOP (Molecular Oral Pathology)— the only comprehensive, genetic oral cancer test on the market.

Star Ranch Dental also provides oral sedation dentistry for patients who are a bit nervous.

Comprehensive dental care in a compassionate environment

Dr. Barnett knew he wanted to be a dentist at the age of seven. “Both my mother’s parents were dentists, so I was familiar with what that meant,” he said. Growing up in New York, the world of dental health care was always an integral part of life with both grandparents practicing and his grandmother even founding the New York City Community College Department of Dental Hygiene. More than 35 years later, Dr. Barnett is licensed in five states and has led a full career both as practicing dentist and in business management. He is continuously cultivating a vast breadth of knowledge of what’s current and leading-edge in the field.

Dr. Geiger, inspired by her background in both art and science, brings these passions to her work at Star Ranch Dental. This combination of creativity and meticulous attention to detail earned her The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Award, The Southwest Academy of Restorative Dentistry Award, and the Elenaor Bushee Senior Woman Dental Student award during her time at Baylor College of Dentistry. Dr. Geiger connects with each of her patients, providing an empathetic ear, customized treatments and notable results, while being gentle, fast, and efficient. “I use my artistic eye to visualize the outcome of each procedure before I begin, whether it is a root canal or a cosmetic case,” Dr. Geiger said.

With more than 40 years of combined clinical experience, Drs. Barnett and Geiger take pride in the dentistry experience as a whole, both within healthcare and outside of it. Practice administrator Susan Clay further explained, “When we started this practice 10 years ago, it seemed there was a common thread of disconnect between many medical providers and their patients. We wanted to be different. We centered our practice on our patients and their needs, not the production. We don’t want our patients to dread a visit to the dentist; we want it to be a really good experience for them. We offer a stress-free, almost spa-like atmosphere. Between the amenities we offer to help them relax while they are waiting, to the design and layout of the office, patients really appreciate the attention to detail and the fact that it doesn’t look, feel or smell like a dental office. Once we get them here, they recognize the difference between our office and others, and they don’t want to leave.”

Fellow operations administrator Jared Parente agreed. “We treat every patient like they are family and we focus on the patient/provider relationship. Our staff truly cares about each and every person who walks through our doors. You just can’t do this work long-term if you don’t want to help and if you don’t genuinely care.” For the staff at Star Ranch Dental, the patient relationship is just as important as the clinical care.

“It doesn’t matter how good we are as clinicians if we can’t establish a mutually trusting relationship so we can properly deliver that care.”

The practice works hard to remain competitive while preserving all of their strong core values and goals. “We offer a very comprehensive approach to dental care,” said Parente. “Our services are leading-edge and high-tech, but we remain thoughtful and conservative with our approach. Each and every day we strive to look at the ’whole picture’ of the patient. Our philosophy of care includes creating a ‘map’ to optimal dental health and how that plan plays into the patient’s overall health.” Also called the oral systemic link, this process is based on the connection that whatever is happening in the mouth can show what is happening in the rest of the body.

A typical visit at Star Ranch Dental begins with being personally greeted by one of their front desk team members, who likely talked with you when you called to make your appointment. She will collect your paperwork, show you around and take a quick picture for their records. You will then be introduced to a hygiene assistant who will take you back to your vitals, including blood pressure and temperature, and will take diagnostic images including X-rays and intraoral photos. At that time, a hygienist will be introduced and she will begin periodontal charting and talking with you about your dental health. Based on what the charting shows her, she will either do a regular cleaning (healthy gums) or recommend a deep cleaning (unhealthy gums). Dr. Barnett or Dr. Geiger will then complete their exam to check what the hygienist has found and talk with you about your concerns or questions.

From there, the patient and doctor come together to develop an overall dental health plan that addresses what the doctor recommends and what treatment the patient is comfortable with and ready to accept. “Our patients tell us what they are thinking, and we offer options and recommendations that will get them to where they need to be, and want to be and remain non-judgmental about the final decisions made,” said Parente. “It’s imperative that the patient play an integral part in the decision-making process because, in the end, they have to understand and accept what is discussed. It is their health, their schedule and, really, their life that will change. Our role is simply to help guide them in making the best healthcare decision.”

High technology with

high-touch care

At Star Ranch Dental, the dentists, technical partners and staff, a lot of time is spent keeping up with technology. “Technology today is always changing and is never stagnant,” said Ms. Clay. “We pride ourselves on being comprehensive, proactive and communicative, and we have the technology to support a better treatment experience for the patient. The majority of our patients are pretty tech-savvy. To us, it’s one of the biggest compliments to hear the amazement in their voices about how we keep up with equipment and technology, along with how our staff is always welcoming, open, and friendly. I know this translates into a feeling of confidence and general calmness throughout the experience.”

All employees are trained with the approach of “slow down and think about how you would want things to go, and how you would want to be treated if you were this patient.” “We want our patients to feel comfortable and to make this their home away from home,” said Ms. Clay. This carries over to easy availability and accessibility to the doctors. “Not being a part of a corporate entity means that we can personalize our services. We have hours that accommodate everyone and if questions, or emergencies, arise during off-hours or in-between visits, someone is always available to help.”

Staff appreciation and support within the surrounding communities go hand-in-hand with Star Ranch Dental’s mission of commitment and high-touch care. “You can’t have a successful business if you don’t have an incredible team helping to run it and a great community to help support it,” states Mr. Parente.

Happy Smile, Happy Life

Achieving both cosmetic and aesthetic goals plays into a person’s emotional happiness. “Dentistry provides everyone with an opportunity to smile,” Ms. Clay said. “A better smile can affect every photo, conversation, interaction and so many other aspects of life. Dentistry can dramatically improve confidence levels and have a great impact on a person’s wellbeing. A healthy, better smile can mean a better life.”

Whether you are still early in the researching stage, or you already know what you want–you can feel confident in your choice of Star Ranch Dental. The staff welcomes you to visit them online at, drop them a note or give them a call today!

Star Ranch Dental is in-network with 10 of the major PPO plans.

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