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Angela Coscio, MD



Dr. Angela Coscio never tires of hearing compliments from patients about the quality of care they receive at Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center at The Woodlands Hospital. “This really is a unique program because of the people involved,” she said. “I’ve worked at other major cancer centers. The difference here is the team approach and the camaraderie among physicians, between the physicians and the nurses and the entire staff. Everyone genuinely enjoys working here. Patients and their families tell me they can sense it the moment they walk through our door.”

The vision for the Dan L Duncan Cancer Center was to bring the same quality of care patients expect in the Texas Medical Center right into their neighborhood and to offer a multi-disciplinary approach to cancer care. There’s a body of research showing how patient success rates improve when people are treated close to home.

“For one thing, patients are more likely to follow through with every treatment when they don’t have to fight traffic for an hour to get here,” said Dr. Coscio, who serves as regional medical director of oncology. “They’re also more likely to have their support network of family and friends nearby, when care is offered right here in their community. Yet we offer the same state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment technology as they’d find downtown.”

This technology includes full breast cancer screening diagnostics capabilities, including 3-D mammography, ultrasound, and biopsies. Medical oncologists work collaboratively with radiation oncologists, surgeons, and other oncology specialists to provide patients with the latest, next-generation care.

A nurse navigator works with patients, from the moment of a cancer diagnosis, walking alongside them throughout their treatment, making sure they make every appointment, and conferring with their doctors. Cutting-edge genomic sequencing allows doctors to make treatment choices based on the characteristics of each person’s unique cancer. “Genomic sequencing gives us more information than we had in the past to know which drugs to use and how best to proceed,” Dr. Coscio said.

“I’ve been here since this cancer center was just an idea,” she continued. “A large part of our success comes from the support we’ve received from our leadership. Hospital leadership really listened to the doctors and asked for our input. Because we’re three female oncologists balancing young families and busy careers, we understand our female cancer patients and how many people are depending on their health and well-being.”

Now more than ever, Dr. Coscio says it’s important to stay current with your mammograms and address any abnormalities. “Cancer diagnostics and treatment have advanced by leaps and bounds, but early detection is still crucial,” she said. “Women who get regular mammograms have a 30-50% lower chance of dying from breast cancer. The pandemic doesn’t change that. We’re taking all the precautions we can to keep you safe while you’re here. We need you to do your part and schedule your mammogram.”


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