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You want a better body? So let’s do it for real this time! No pills, no potions, no more starvation diets or counting calories and points. No more weight scale obsession and painful boot camps, throwing out your back and unable to move for days. No more drama—just results.

Nu Beginnings is a medically managed, custom approach to reprogramming your body for sustainable fat/weight loss, improving arthritic joint disorders and back/neck pain to a brand new you that is strong, lean and full of lifelong vibrant health. Nu Beginnings Dallas is a comprehensive Bariatric and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation clinic that is an affiliate of the prestigious Spine Physicians Institute. Chief Wellness Officer and operating partner Sunjay Wagle, D.C., created this bariatric solutions concept over 10 years ago. “I initially started by qualifying patients for bariatric surgery,” said Dr. Wagle. “I experienced a very high success rate in patients losing a significant amount of weight while going through our nutrition and exercise programs. At times, they would lose so much weight, they no longer qualified for bariatric surgery. These clinical results led to the development of my own comprehensive center for musculoskeletal pain, bariatric solutions and metabolic disease management. Nu Beginnings Dallas was formed in 2002.”

What They Do

“Nu Beginnings Dallas is not a one-size-fits-all approach to pain management, rehabilitation and weight loss,” said Dr. Wagle. “We understand you are a unique human being who deserves a human approach to health care. Traditional programs are based on cookie cutter rule-following that only results in the failures we have seen with so many of our patients who have spent thousands of dollars based on conventional wisdom. We’ve challenged the outdated traditional ways and focus on evidence-based, clinically-tested, proven programs that build the very best version of you. The results are long-lasting, life-altering relief of painful joints and back pain, sustained fat loss with an increase of lean muscle and strength, systemic inflammation reduction, improved blood labs, stronger immune function and a healthy, meaningful relationship with food that helps with distress-free digestion and improved nutrient absorption. This program is ideal for the patient who is overweight or obese and has been diagnosed with diabetes or hypertension and was told that their cholesterol has worsened since their last visit with their primary care physician. We help patients who are desperate to make a change, yet the very thought of exercising is intimidating because of embarrassment at the gym or their joint and back pain is too painful. Our patients’ average weight loss is 19.4 pounds per month, for the first two months, without any drugs or surgery.”

The Nu Beginnings Dallas program is a revolutionary patient empowerment tool that teaches patients how to eat smarter instead of starving, how proper biomechanical movement is medicine, how guilt, food-shaming and low self-esteem can derail your success and finally, how to lose fat and inches in your waist without mindless hours on the treadmill or Zumba. It is possible to have a body and life you love forever based on Nu Beginnings Dallas four core principles of success.

What They Offer

Nu Beginnings Dallas is a comprehensive, medically managed custom approach to a brand new you, based on Dr. Wagle’s four well principles:

Eat Well: When you nourish your body with food that you are biologically programmed to eat, amazing metabolic changes happen all the way down to your cellular DNA makeup. It has absolutely nothing to do with points, units, exchanges, calorie counting or food pyramids. The Nu Beginnings concept focuses on changing your relationship with food and tossing out emotional eating and need for willpower.

Move Well:  Exercise is medicine. Conventional exercises and boot camps are downright painful and physically inflammatory. If you find yourself gritting your teeth and convincing yourself “No Pain, No Gain,” you are doing it all wrong! Nu Beginnings focuses on powerful movements that rehabilitate your aches and pains, untangle your stiff and arthritic joints and unlock pain-free spinal and joint movements.

Breathe Well: If you are reading this, you can breathe well enough to live, but are you thriving?  Try this test: Place your right hand on your chest and left hand on your abdomen. Take a big breath. Really fill your lungs. Did you do it? Did your right hand move more? Did your shoulders go up? Many common aches and pain, especially around the head, neck and shoulders, may be caused by shallow chest breathing. We focus on powerful breathing techniques that restore proper oxygen to vital life-giving organs, decrease stress, improve posture and decompress a painful slouched chair sitting spine.

Sleep Well: You cannot be healthy without adequate sleep. Period. Even if you are eating, moving and breathing clean. The real nightmare of sleep loss is losing your mind and health with its negative effect on your immune, digestive, endocrine, musculoskeletal and neurological systems. Restoring health begins in the bed by following natural rhythms of light and dark. They will once again empower you to sleep like a child, resting deep. If you snore or have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, fat/weight loss will significantly improve your sleep architecture.

Their Unique Approach to Health Care

“We measure each individual’s unique body chemistry through advanced scientific analysis of their DNA, specialized biomarker blood panels, biometric, physical exam and family/medical history,” said Dr. Wagle. “The clinical results allow us to identify and treat any imbalances, dysfunctions and disorders through a custom tailored program for only you. The results: personalized, prescriptive and precise healthcare unlike anything our patients have experienced before.”

How It Works:

1. Call. It all starts with a call to 469-727-7246. Nu Beginnings has wellness coordinators who will listen and can help. Most commercial insurance companies may participate in coverage depending on a patients’ policy and initial consultation. 

2. Interact. The initial visit will be up to a one-hour consultation with Dr Wagle. 

3. Measure. Dr. Wagle and his team will perform the most advanced biometric testing and physical exam. Blood/Urine/DNA samples will be collected and sent to the lab.

4. Follow Up. The Nu Beginnings team will discuss your lab testing results, customize a health journey over the next four to 12 weeks for optimized wellness and provide prescriptive strength nutraceuticals that enhance your unique DNA and optimize your body chemistry.

5. Start Your Journey. Learn exactly what to eat and how to rehabilitate an inflamed, painful, weak body with the least amount of guilt, shame and pain and suffering possible.

6. Progress. Dr. Wagle will re-test, reexamine and measure your success. 

A Personal Story about Dr. Wagle

“In 2008, I weighed more than 300 pounds at 6 foot 2 inches,” said Dr. Wagle. “I was a sugar addict, eating processed and fast foods and diabetic with high blood pressure and a very large belly. This was an ongoing struggle (and failure) after a series of car wrecks that left my knees and lower back in horrible pain. After many weeks of starving myself, trying fad diets and exercising more than one hour a day, I was fed up, sad and in pain. I should have known better as a doctor. Instead of trying yet again, I decided to radically change my approach by challenging the conventional wisdom I was following. I came across a few scientists talking about ancestral health, followed their advice and saw great initial success. I was amazed at how easy it was and how great I felt.

“I’ve made it my mission to help as many patients as I can through a nonsurgical, natural way with Nu Beginnings Dallas. After finding the right formula of medical nutrition, biomechanical movements and psychology, I dropped down to 217 pounds and haven’t looked back. I enjoy a better body, better sleep, boundless energy and better performance without disabling pain. I am committed to helping thousands of other people do the same. Your potential is waiting to be realized.”

Learn more about Nu Beginnings Dallas by calling 469-727-PAIN or by visiting NuBeginnings.info. You may qualify for insurance participation.

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