Smile Rehab Centers: Renewing Confidence And Exceeding Expectations

Dr. Hanife Canan Bayraktaroglu Creates Beautiful Smiles at Smile Rehab Centers, Southlake

Smile Rehab Centers


Many people have experienced the emotional pain and frustrating struggle of tooth loss. Not only does it affect their appearance and self-esteem, but it affects oral functions of biting and chewing, making it difficult to enjoy a meal. If you don’t want to engage in typical, lengthy procedures to replace missing teeth, or you’re averse to wearing dentures or traditional bridges, a visit to “Dr. Bay” may be in your future. Along with her team of professionals, Dr. Bay uses innovative, digital technology, and applies her wealth of knowledge to deliver an unparalleled dental experience to each patient.

Dr. Bay is the board-certified, lead prosthodontist and owner of Smile Rehab Centers in Southlake. She is highly skilled in her field, designing and replacing a single tooth or full-arch implants with detailed precision. Her specialized field differs from a cosmetic dentist and requires an additional three-year residency program of lectures, seminars, intensive laboratory, and clinical experience fabricating crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, complete and partial dentures, and dental implants.

The Digital Advantage

Every patient’s records, including treatment notes, CT scans, intraoral records, dental implant impressions, smile previews/designs, and results, make the implant process convenient for patients and efficient for Dr. Bay and her team.

“We digitalize every patient’s intraoral records and scans so we have a complete preview of the process and results,” she says. Digital records simplify the implant process’ orchestrated sequence of steps and facilitates a consistent and predictable workflow. “Digital workflow allows me to design every single smile for my patients with personalized detail,” Dr. Bay says. Additionally, it permits complete arch implant restorations to be delivered the same day after surgery. It also provides precision for implant placement. 

Natural-Looking Smiles

Surgical and restorative treatment is all done under one roof, making appointments convenient and easy. Dr. Bay’s state-of-the-art process involves carefully crafting and personally designing each implant replacement tooth herself. A patient’s mouth and facial muscles, as well as their natural smile, are taken into account during the design stage. This allows Dr. Bay to provide a customized smile with natural-looking teeth that stand the test of time. Upon completion, the unique, four-step method results in attractive, functional smiles that boost self-confidence and exceed expectations.

Compassionate Care and Understanding

Although Dr. Bay’s lab turnaround is swift, she enjoys relaxed and unrushed appointments. “You have to understand a patient’s lifestyle, needs, and desires when considering implants,” she explains. Tooth loss can be very emotional for some people. They are frequently shy, embarrassed, and try to hide their smile from others.

“I listen intently to a patient’s concerns, considering their feelings with compassion and empathy,” she says. Dr. Bay and her approachable team are experts at dealing with the emotional side of a patient’s initial appointment. They offer caring support and kindness throughout the process, alleviating fears and easing hesitancies.

Outstanding Education and Knowledge 

Dr. Bay looks forward to helping new patients discover how her efficient procedure can positively change their lives. Highly regarded by her peers and appreciated by her patients, she brings a great deal of passion to every appointment. As a board-certified prosthodontist, she has almost two decades of experience and knowledge. Additionally, she is a Diplomate of the American Board of Prosthodontists and a Fellow of the American College of Prosthodontists, further reinforcing her commitment to her specialty field. 

Get to Know Dr. Bay

Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, Dr. Bay completed her dental doctorate at the Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry. After practicing in Turkey for several years, she moved to the United States to pursue an advanced education program in prosthodontics at The Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University. She completed advanced training from some of the country’s top organizations, including the Pankey Institute, the Dawson Academy, and AAID Maxi-Course, focusing on implant and esthetic dentistry, TMJ occlusion, and sleep apnea. She is devoted to pursuing continuing education at every opportunity to further elevate her clinical proficiencies. Her finely tuned skills and expertise allow her to provide top-tier care to patients in need.

Dr. Bay and her husband are happily married with one daughter and a furry, four-legged family member, a Belgian Malinois dog. She enjoys painting and creating various arts and crafts projects with her daughter, as well as dabbling in backyard projects with her husband, who she met on a vacation to Turkey years ago. She loves to travel and experience new places and different cultural foods. Besides Turkey, she has visited several countries, including Switzerland, Ukraine, and her favorite – the Caribbean islands, particularly St. Maarten. 

If you or your family and friends have considered implants as an option for tooth replacement, Dr. Bay and her supportive team welcome you to call the office to learn more. Discover how Southlake’s Smile Rehab Centers’ unique and convenient procedures can renew your smile and positively impact your life.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Implants?

People who have:

  • Lost all or are missing some of their teeth
  • Complete and partial dentures
  • Teeth beyond repair needing removal and replacement
  • Heavily restored teeth need replacement restorations
  • Severe wear and damage to their teeth

Dr. Bays Four-Step Process To A Restored Smile

  1. Beginning with a free consultation, Dr. Bay provides education and explanation while addressing the patient’s questions and concerns. Then, a full-mouth CT scan is performed to evaluate the quality of the patient’s jawbone. Last, a facial scan is taken to design a smile preview showing how the restored smile will look at the end of treatment.
  2. A comprehensive exam is performed by Dr. Bay, intraoral digital impressions are made by an intraoral scanner, and facial scans are made by a facial scanner. Using the CADCAM technique, a computer-aided design is created, produced, and manufactured by Dr. Bay in her Smile Rehab Centers’ Southlake office.
  3. Next, surgery is performed, and the dental implants are placed. The temporary teeth are installed immediately after surgery, and the patient can now admire their stunning, new smile.
  4. Final teeth can be delivered as early as eight weeks.


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