Sharon M. Ramage

The Ramage Law Group

By Annette Brooks

With 25 years of experience as a family law attorney and a background in social work, Sharon Ramage brings a unique perspective and skill set to every case. This, along with her winning track record, creativity, and ability to think outside the box, has made her one of North Texas’ go-to attorneys for family law and special education law. She and her team have served countless clients through some of the most challenging, emotionally charged times in their lives, and they are here to help you, too.

Passion for Helping Others

Sharon’s desire to help others initially led her to social work. Diligent and determined, she put herself through college at UT Arlington and began her career. As a social worker, Sharon saw families in conflict and crisis and witnessed the devasting impact it had on children and parents. These trying situations and her heartfelt desire to provide more help were the catalysts that led her to become a family law attorney.

After earning a J.D. from Baylor University School of Law in 1992, Sharon was Assistant Criminal District Attorney in Tarrant County for five years and was assigned to the Crimes Against Children Division for two of them. In 1997 she established her private practice devoted to guiding families during some of the most difficult times in their lives.

Savvy. Persistent. Compassionate. Strategic. Creative.

Clients come to The Ramage Law Group often feeling lost, distressed, and worried about the future. “We meet clients during a challenging, transitional time in their lives. Our goal is to do what’s right for any children involved and help our clients change their life trajectory, so they to leave in a better place and situation than they were when they came to us,” Sharon says.

Sharon and her team counsel clients about what should be done at the moment while helping them see the big picture. “We educate our clients and encourage them to think proactively about the future. Sometimes an idea that seems alright in the midst of divorce, isn’t a good decision for the future. We always look out for our clients’ best interests and guide and educate them.”

Sharon also works hard to protect children’s rights across the state of Texas who require special education. As a former special education hearing officer, she has presided over hundreds of cases and knows how to achieve positive outcomes for children with disabilities so they can obtain the education they deserve.


8951 Collin McKinney Parkway, Suite 1401
McKinney, Texas 75070

9555 Lebanon Road, Suite 301
Frisco, Texas 75035

(469) 207-1079

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