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Celebrating 25 Years Of Helping People Overcome Addiction: An Alumni Shares Her Story

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Addiction is complex and difficult to overcome. Having been in rehab elsewhere before, Olivia (not her real name) knew this all too well when she entered Santé Center for Healing’s residential program at her “tipping point.”

“I’d returned to college and was sober for 1.5 years before starting to slide. My mom found Santé and got me into their residential program. Santé was completely different than my previous experience. I had time to get comfortable with my surroundings, and they got to the source of what was causing my addiction. My primary therapist at Santé made it a point that trauma feeds addiction — that addiction is a symptom. They took a holistic, comprehensive approach, treating the addiction and the underlying trauma and mental health issues. This made all the difference in the world as well as my length of stay.”

Olivia adds, “I had a great experience at Santé. Everyone is highly competent, communicates well, and does a great job of providing continuous care as well as ongoing outpatient care. Sobriety and recovery can be terrifying to think of, and it takes time to build confidence in yourself and develop the skills you need. Santé is here to help, and it worked for me.” Today, Olivia is back in school and back into life.

Shelley Evans, M.ED, LPC, EMDR-Certified, Olivia’s primary therapist at Santé, says, “We have extraordinary teamwork and communication at Santé and conduct daily staff meetings. It’s like putting 1,000 puzzle pieces together for each client, and it takes a team to do this.” She adds, “Our 24/7 wrap-around staff of highly skilled nurses, physicians, and therapists support our clients using proven, effective, evidence-based, research-based methods. We seek to understand what’s driving addiction and treat co-occurring disorders at the same time. When residential treatment concludes, the client has continued support through our outpatient and alumni programs.”

“It makes my heart soar when a person comes to us in immense distress and can’t function, and leaves feeling good and optimistic about the future. Many alumni update us on what they’re doing. It’s incredibly gratifying for all of us.”

The Greatest Courage is Deciding to Call

If you’re facing a difficult time, please call Santé Center for Healing. Even if you’re unsure and just want to talk, they’re here to help, whether you choose to get treatment or not.

Santé Center For Healing Celebrates 25 Years Of Helping People Overcome Addiction

  • Integrated addiction treatment model with traditional and innovative approaches
  • Safe, friendly, welcoming, non-judgemental environment
  • Individualized level of care
  • Guides individuals and families to long-term addiction recovery
  • Unique recovery continuum of care
    • Medical detox
    • Residential program
    • Intensive outpatient program (day and evening options)
    • Transitional living
    • Family programming
    • Individual therapy and medication management
    • Alumni support
  • Serving adults (and their families) struggling with:
    • Substance use disorder
    • Mental health
    • Problematic sexual behavior
    • Co-occurring disordered eating
    • Trauma recovery
    • Dual diagnosis


914 Country Club Road
Argyle, Texas 76226
(214) 444-7367 (outpatient clinic appointments)
(940) 464-7222 (residential program)