Sam Slaton, Santé Center for Healing

Drug/Alcohol Rehabilitation

About the Expert

Sam has worn many hats since joining Santé Center for Healing in 2004, serving as director of intake and admissions, director of outpatient services, and as chief operating officer since 2015. He has a master of business administration degree, a master of science in health systems management degree, a master’s in counseling, a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor.


How do I choose a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center?

Addiction treatment centers vary widely in their approach, the caliber of their staff, and the services provided. Look for centers that take a holistic approach and provide comprehensive services, so you’re not trying to fit someone into a limited set of services that may not fully address all of their needs.

Santé Center for Healing, which celebrates its 25th anniversary serving clients this year, offers everything from in-patient care and medical detox to an intensive outpatient program and outpatient counseling. Aftercare and continuity of care are essential for healing.

Do I need treatment?

Family members frequently ask us this about a loved one. Honestly, most know the answer, and it’s why they’re contacting us. People suffering from addiction suffer consequences that range from relationship troubles and job issues to legal problems and health problems.

We often find people tend to initially minimize the severity of the situation because they’re looking for a lower level of care. Unfortunately, underestimating the care needed undermines the ability to recover and heal fully. Our intake and admission staff are all highly skilled master’s-level clinicians who have the background and experience to determine if treatment is needed and at what level of care.

How long does treatment take?

It depends on the individual. Length of stay, for instance, depends on the therapeutic need, not days served. You may notice some centers that offer a 30-day recovery program. We take a different approach at Santé Center for Healing. There’s no set time or length. Instead, it’s about providing what’s in client’s best interest and customizing a treatment plan to meet their unique needs.

How do I pay for treatment?

Left untreated, addiction is a life-limiting disease that often turns fatal. So, it comes down to the value of your life. You’re worth treatment and the benefits of recovery and well-being.

To answer the question, usually, health insurance will cover some or most of the treatment. We verify benefits with your health insurance provider and review this information with you. We also work with people financially to help them get the treatment they need.

If you could address one myth about treatment, what would it be?

The myth would be that once someone gets into treatment, they will become completely healed while in treatment. Recovery is a process — a journey — not an on and off light switch fix. Long-lasting recovery is something that’s worked on day by day. We offer a comprehensive approach at Santé Center for Healing and work with the family as well as the individual.

When is the right time to get treatment?

There is no right time. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. If you’re looking for the perfect time — when the kids are back in school, when your business isn’t as busy, when the holidays are over — you’re building roadblocks.

We advocate getting treatment sooner versus later and accept admissions 24/7/365. Taking this first step can be the most important decision of your life. You’re worthy of this help.
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