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Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Associates SD 3-16 Prof RICH_WEBThe board-certified allergists at Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Associates in Garland and Rockwall place an emphasis on patient education and empowerment. Because many of their patients live with chronic conditions such as sinusitis, hay fever, asthma, and food allergies, their care is often less about curing a condition than it is about empowering their patients to manage their symptoms, so they can lead fulfilling lives.

“I find that helping my patients fully understand why they are taking a medication means they’re more likely to take it,” Dr. Pooja Paranjpe said. “Our job begins by properly diagnosing the reasons behind the symptoms that are interfering with our patient’s quality of life. We conduct thorough testing and discuss the patient’s treatment preferences. Once we understand the root cause of the symptoms, we can create a regimen to decrease the frequency and intensity of their symptoms. But unless we communicate to our patient the why and when of the medication, they’re less likely to adhere to their daily routine and take it like they should.”

Drs. Olmstead and Paranjpe are both board-certified allergists. Dr. Olmstead explained, “The field of allergy and immunology is ever-changing with new innovations and technology available constantly. Board certification not only tells our patients we completed two to three additional years of rigorous fellowship training, but also that we adhere to continual recertification (involving peer reviews, patient surveys, and constant testing) that help us stay abreast of the ever-expanding field of allergy and immunology, and offer the very best care available to our patients.”

“Some therapies such as allergy shots that can actually change a patient’s immune system, so they can live without symptoms for a number of years,” Dr. Paranjpe said. “They work by injecting small doses of substances you’re allergic to (allergens) under your skin. This helps your body ‘get used to’ the allergen, which can result in fewer or less severe symptoms, even none at all for a time.”

“Our staff is very knowledgeable,” Dr. Paranjpe said. “Many of them have worked in allergy offices for years and they’re a great asset to the patients and to us. They’re very patient and take the time to explain treatment such as the proper way to use an inhaler. They share our passion for educating and empowering our patients.”

Another rich source of education for patients is the Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Associates Facebook page where they answer such questions as, “For which symptoms are oral anti-histamines effective?” and “If I have asthma, should I receive a flu shot?” They post allergy-friendly recipes for holidays throughout the year and bring patients together for philanthropic activities such as adopting a local family in need at Christmas time.

Firm believers in giving back, Dr. Olmstead participates in medical mission trips, and Dr. Paranjpe donates one Saturday a month caring for patients at nonprofit Agape clinic in Dallas. They are currently accepting new patients at Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Associates in Garland and Rockwall.

Drs. Olmstead and Paranjpe help their patients manage:


  • allergies
  • asthma
  • food allergies
  • sinus problems
  • hives[/one_half]
  • eczema
  • drug allergy
  • insect allergy
  • immunodeficiency
  • contact dermatitis[/one_half_last]

S. Mark Olmstead, DO, and Pooja Paranjpe, MD

7150 N, George Bush Freeway, Suite 204

Garland, Texas 75044

2701 Sunset Ridge Drive, Suite 410

Rockwall, Texas 75032

(972) 463-3406

Text: Meredith Knight

Photo: David Thompson

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