Ross J. Miller Family Dentistry

Ross Miller is one of those lucky people who knew from an early age what he wanted to do with his life. “I don’t remember this, but my brother says I wrote an essay when I was 10 about wanting to be a dentist,” he said. “I do remember a career day in junior high. A dentist came to speak. I was (and still am) into constructing model airplanes. As he spoke, I could see how my love of working with tools in small places could translate well to dentistry.”

In fact, Ross jokes that he went into dentistry just to get better tools for his model making. “I also developed an interest in entomology and butterfly collecting,” he said. “Years of mounting hundreds of tiny, delicate butterflies was great training for the fine motor skills I use as a dentist.”

Those models and butterflies are now on display in his booming dental practice in Allen where his practice philosophy is threefold—preserve as much of the natural, healthy tooth as possible, understand and respect the patient’s wishes, and treat every person, from his staff to his patients, like family. It’s been a winning formula, for 29 years.

Conservative Care

“I want you to spend the least amount of time and the least amount of money on your mouth as you can,” he said. “I don’t subscribe to the idea of routinely replacing older dental work if it’s in sound condition and not bothering the patient. And I never want to strong-arm or shame a patient into a cosmetic treatment plan if they’re satisfied with the look of their teeth.”

Latest Technology

A self-confessed science nerd, Dr. Miller has amassed the latest in dental technology, including a Solea carbon dioxide laser which allows him to perform many procedures without the use of anesthesia. “This laser works on soft and hard tissue” he said. “There’s less soreness afterward and less risk of infection. And it allows me to be much more precise.” He’s a longtime user of CEREC, a CAD/CAM milling machine that allows him to do one-appointment crowns, and he is in the process of acquiring a Fontana cold laser which can be used to treat periodontal issues, eliminate or greatly reduce snoring by tightening the soft palate of the mouth, and even to plump lips or tighten facial features.

Meet Dr. Miller

With his easygoing demeanor, Dr. Miller treats all ages—from preschoolers to seniors. He has a low turnover in his friendly, knowledgeable staff, some who have been with him for over 20 years. Dr. Miller is a lifelong Dallas resident, and is a Texas A&M and Baylor College of Dentistry graduate. After practicing in Plano for 17 years, he built his dream office in Allen in 2007, which includes not just the latest dental technology, but homey touches to help make your time there as relaxing and stress-free as possible. When not on the job, he enjoys playing hockey and serves as a team dentist for the Allen Americans hockey team. He and his wife have five kids who keep them running. He’s now accepting new patients.


915 W. Exchange Parkway, Suite 200

Allen, Texas 75013

(972) 727-1200


By Meredith Knight

Photography by AimeeLouise Photography