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Shade is the Perfect Refreshment
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By Samantha Gluck

Everyone loves a home with lots of windows. They allow light to stream in, brightening the space and lending a feeling of openness to even the smallest rooms. No one wants to work in a building without a view to the outside, but you may not always want your windows exposed, especially when you’re away or during a powerful storm. Interior window coverings don’t do much for security, and they protect even less against the ravages of weather.

So, what’s the answer? How can you protect your investment against crime and storm damage? That’s easy. High-quality exterior rolling shutters by Rollac Shutters of Texas, Inc. protect your home or business from intruders, flying debris, and heavy winds. The company has been supplying home and business owners with exterior window covering solutions since 1982. Considered the oldest shutter company in Houston and one of the oldest in the U.S., Rollac has an unmatched reputation when it comes to the highest quality products and peerless customer service.

How It All Began

Walter and Eva Konrad came to Texas from Germany. Walter had a job offer from a German shutter company wanting to expand into the U.S. market in 1980. Unfortunately, that shutter company had not done market analysis and was in the dark about the demand for shutters, saying there was hardly any in the U.S. He planned to close the company down and stay in Germany.

“My parents, who had given up their life in Germany, were not willing to give up so quickly and decided to buy the inventory and start their own company with what was left,” says their daughter, Nina Konrad. At this point, my father ordered phone books from all over the U.S. and looked for shutter companies and related businesses where he could offer and sell shutters.” It’s that kind of determination, work ethic, and dedication to excellence on both Walter and Eva’s parts which make up the recipe for their continued success. They took the business from a three-person operation to one of the biggest wholesalers of shutters in the country.

Rollac Rolling Shutters continues to be a family-owned and operated business. Both daughters, Nina Konrad and Julia Hayes, work for the company and are very involved in the day-to-day operations. Julia handles the financial side of things, such as financial reports for the bookkeeper, paying bills, helping with internal audits, and more.

Adding Unparalleled Comfort and Security to Home or Office

Rollac is a wholesale company that supplies its highly regarded products to business customers throughout North America. If you live in the greater Houston metro area, including Galveston, you can also get Rollac shades directly from the company for your home or business.

“A couple of years ago, we launched a product that we call a ZipShade. It’s a solar screen on a track system that provides protection from sun and heat in both indoor and outdoor living spaces,” Eva reveals. These shades also act as insect screens and wind blockers, making them a perfect addition to an outdoor kitchen or patio entertaining area.

If you’re concerned about residential security, consider Rollac’s DuraComfort Shutters. This insulated security shutter solution protects your home and family from outside of the windows and doors. Also excellent for blocking solar heat, these shutters conserve energy, significantly reducing cooling and heating bills. With high-quality powder coating and a foam core, these provide quiet operation with additional insulation. Available for window, door, and patio applications, Rollac DuraComfort Shutters give you peace of mind and comfort in one luxurious package.

Along the gulf coast, hurricanes and other weather systems are always a concern. Rollac offers SecuraMax Shutters for hurricane protection and heavy-duty security. “If you’re after the absolute highest level of protection, SecuraMax is up to the task and designed to withstand the heaviest impact from storms and would-be intruders,” Julia explains. She says their thick double-walled aluminum slats will take everything thrown at them.

Their other products include classic awnings, vertical drop awnings, and drop-arm awnings — all retractable. If you’re interested in the ultimate outdoor experience for your garden or other outdoor space, consider Rollac’s luxurious Camargue line. Check out the website for details about these luxurious structures. You’ll be stunned by the beauty and options.

What’s more, every Rollac product is made in the USA on-site at the Rollac warehouse. “Our warehouse is 105,000 square feet,” says Eva, adding, “and we have three roll forming machines. We’re the only company in the United States with these roller machines.”

Time Rolls on and Rollac Shutters Do Too

“I love this business and this company. I’m confident Rollac will have 40 successful years to come. Watching my parents work so hard as I was growing up truly taught me about the importance of a strong work ethic,” Nina says.

Importantly, she points out that Rollac’s success also arises from having a great team working toward the same goals of excellence and service. “We have an amazing team of employees who really dedicate themselves to the best interests and growth of Rollac. I’m excited about the future for us as there’s a huge need and desire for our products with lots of room for expansion.”

Eva and Walter are still on-site every single day. With that level of dedication to excellence and 40 years in business and counting, Rollac is the best choice for exterior shutter solutions.

Consider the benefits of adding one of the many Rollac Rolling Shutters products to your home or business. Protect your investment and save money while adding luxury, comfort, and security. Feel free to stop by the magnificent showroom, call, or visit the website to see the incredible variety of products available as solutions to your unique needs.


5331 West Orange Street
Pearland, Texas 77581
(281) 485-1911
(888) 276-5522

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