Rockwall Medical Massage

Anna Baker, LMT, MMP, MI


Anna Baker founded Rockwall Medical Massage 10 years ago to collaborate with healthcare practitioners and clients. The group often works with primary care physicians, orthopedists, chiropractors, plastic surgeons, physical therapists, and personal trainers.

As the practice has grown, Anna has built a team of 11 massage professionals who can take your massage therapy needs to the next level. Each therapist has different training and a different style of touch, but you are in good hands no matter who you schedule to see.

Many clients have a primary therapist that they see regularly, but unlike many massage practices, Rockwall Medical Massage encourages clients to see whichever therapist meets their current massage or scheduling needs. The group provides continuity of care between practitioners to help you maximize your wellness. Rockwall Medical Massage is open seven days a week to help everyone fit massage into their lives.

Rockwall Medical Massage offers general therapeutic massage services for individuals who are basically well and are just looking to improve their quality of life and minimize normal everyday aches and pains. To help clients stay on track and fit massage into their budget, the group offers a discounted price for services when clients rebook at checkout or when they buy a series of five massages. The series is perfect for someone who wants the discount but has trouble scheduling in advance. Series can also be shared between family members, so it’s perfect for families with student athletes.

Rockwall Medical Massage offers prenatal massage for expecting moms and rain drop therapy for clients that want to experience extra relaxation. For clients with acute pain, chronic pain, or medical conditions, the group offers a variety of specialized modalities, including Bowenwork therapy, craniosacral therapy, MediCupping, lymphatic drainage therapy, orthopedic massage, and others.

You can also book general medical massage sessions integrating all the modalities the individual therapist has in their toolbox. There is no rebook discount on specialized modalities, but the group sells series of five sessions to simplify checkout. You can also take advantage of an infrared sauna that offers anti-aging benefits, boosts your metabolism, improves microcirculation, and helps your body detox from environmental chemical exposures and cellular waste. Infrared uses the invisible parts of the sun’s energy, heating your body from the inside. It’s great to add on before or after your massage.

Rockwall Medical Massage is self pay and does not accept insurance. The group can provide detailed receipts and clients can pursue reimbursement on their own. Rockwall Medical Massage can accept HSA or FSA cards if that is covered in clients’ plans. Out of respect for immune-compromised and high-risk clients, the group requires masks in the facility’s public areas and while face-up during a session. The group takes a variety of environmental measures to mitigate as many factors as possible.

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1221 Arista Drive, Suite 200
Rockwall, Texas 75032
(214) 686-3650