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The Healing Effects of Medical Massage Therapy: Rockwall Medical Massage Promotes Graceful Aging and Wellbeing



Graceful aging is an art form and cannot be achieved by simply wishing for it. Humans are repetitive creatures, and muscle imbalances can frequently create discomfort when setbacks occur in life. You might fall, get a crick in your neck while sleeping, have migraines that render you out of commission, pull a muscle playing your favorite sport, have surgery, or be diagnosed with a chronic illness. Any of these instances can set you up for a rude awakening. Imagine if you were in tune with where your body is now and cognizant of added benefits addressed through massage therapy and bodywork.

The licensed massage therapists (LMTs) at Rockwall Medical Massage find that consistency is key to facilitating the rebalancing of your muscles, preventing chronic discomforts, and enabling you to live your best life.

Massage therapy is defined as a manipulation of the body’s soft tissues with the intention to relieve body stress or pain. The type of massage you prefer depends on your desire and tolerance. Swedish massage has a light to medium touch and is meant to reduce stiffness and soreness in joints. Deep-tissue massage requires more intense, focused pressure to treat severe tension in the muscles and connective tissues.

The effectiveness of massage can impact the entire body. It can reduce stress, ease muscle and joint pain, and is less harmful than over-the-counter solutions. When an area of your body is fired up and screaming at you, it likely started somewhere else in your physiology. Medical massage therapists have had additional training to learn specific techniques to address all states of health.

How Massage Positively Affects the Lymphatic System

Lymphatic drainage therapy is a wonderful practice for wellness. A trained lymphatic therapist uses light-touch therapy to assess the flow of lymphatic fluid in your system and facilitate or improve flow in areas where it is congested or stagnated that leads to inflammation. Lymphatic fluid surrounds your cells and is then picked up by tiny vessels that enlarge until they rejoin your circulatory system just under your collar bones. The fluid is then filtered by your kidneys and excreted by your body.

Disruptions to the lymphatic system include high-fat foods, body position habits, tight clothes, surgery, or body trauma. In the instance of surgery, it is a good practice to have lymphatic drainage before and after your procedure. This practice promotes faster recovery by having an efficiently functioning lymphatic system.

Picture a vase of flowers. The best environment for the flowers to thrive in is clean water as opposed to murky water. Your lymphatic system should also be refreshed often so that nutrients reach your cells and waste products get carried away, making your cells healthier in the process.

Bodywork, Specialized Therapies, and Techniques

Bodywork is a different way of providing therapy to your body to promote health, wellness, and recovery. Relieving tension in your central nervous system can promote a feeling of well-being by eliminating pain and boosting health and immunity. Craniosacral therapy and Bowenwork therapy are two approaches that address this key system.

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, hands-on technique that uses light touch to examine membranes and movement of fluid in and around the central nervous system. There is a rhythmic system at the core of our physiology, a pulse of energy that flows down the spine between our head and pelvic area. By relieving pressure in the head, neck, and back, both emotional and physical tension can be released, and pain can be soothed.

Bowenwork therapy is also a form of bodywork. It involves gently stretching the fascia, or soft tissue that covers muscles and organs, to promote pain relief. It resets dysfunctional myofascial tensions and facilitates the body’s healing mechanisms. Bowenwork affects the nervous system, including a shift toward deep relaxation by resetting the autonomic nervous system from a fight/flight dominance to a relax/restore state.

Rockwall Medical Massage is a resource for wherever you are in your health and wellness or recovery journey. Everyone wants to age gracefully, and no one wants to hurt. Flexibility and mobility are our friends always, especially as we get older. Rockwall Medical Massage has remarkable therapists who have the heart and the trained hands to help you address any issues, facilitating grace as you live your best life.


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