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Rockwall Health Center SD 3-16 Prof ROCK_WEBAre you still searching for alternative methods to better health? Dr. Sean Jamalabadi and his staff at Rockwall Health Center provide safe and gradual methods to healing the body internally, without medications. He incorporates gentle chiropractic care with individually tailored nutrition plans, leading patients to healthy, pain-free living.

Dr. Jamalabadi’s natural, noninvasive method of healing patients started over 14 years ago with chiropractic care. He earned his Doctor of Chiropractic from Logan University, Saint Louis, Missouri, in 2001 and is board certified. He went on to earn his ACN (certificate of clinical nutrition) in 2012. He is proud to welcome patients to his new health center here in Rockwall, featuring state-of-the-art equipment to perform gentle, chiropractic adjustments on patients of all ages. Dr. Jamalabadi’s unique method of analyzing the body incorporates both chiropractic and nutrition, which allows the body to heal inside and out. When combined with a correct nutritional program, chiropractic treatment works even better and faster. Dr. Jamalabadi said, “In chiropractic, we facilitate the body’s ability to heal itself by gently adjusting the spine.” Add this to his customized nutritional counseling and exercise, and patients are on the road to optimizing their body’s performance.

He welcomes entire families for treatment, as his gentle chiropractic adjustments assist in healing everything from neck and back pain to sports injuries, arthritis, and pediatric health issues. Stephanie Lewis, a patient of Dr. Jamalabadi’s for 10 years, brings her whole family for treatment. She has three sons who are very athletically inclined and Stephanie is a triathlete. “I was really excited when we got his letter that he had moved his office to Rockwall,” she said. “We like him because he has such a gentle way of manipulating and making adjustments and he’s very effective. His results last.” After starting nutrition counseling and following Dr. Jamalabadi’s advice, Stephanie is feeling very energetic, sleeping much better, and is slowly back to running again. “I want to stay in the best shape I can and he is an important part of that.”

A new patient can expect a consultation and first exam, followed by thorough diagnostic testing, if needed. The lab results offer a science-based nutritional analysis report, allowing Dr. Jamalabadi to formulate a clear plan for each individual. “It allows me to see what is actually happening to this person,” he said, “so we can rebuild the body internally and naturally.” He reviews the patient’s current diet and identifies any toxins present to create a diet plan incorporating whole food supplements and eliminating barriers to healthy living. “With this integrative approach, combining chiropractic and nutrition, we can help reverse the clock,” Dr. Jamalabadi said.

Ultimately, he wants to make sure he knows each of his patients and their families well and partner with them to achieve and maintain optimal health. He wants them to be well-educated and understand the goal he’s setting for them, how their bodies work and how to heal them naturally. Dr. Jamalabadi has a clear goal in mind: “I want to provide a holistic, natural approach to pain relief and help my patients maintain optimal health for their entire family.”

Chiropractic treatment and clinical nutritional counseling can help with many health issues including:

  • neck and back pain
  • allergies and asthma
  • digestive issues
  • weight gain
  • stress and fatigue
  • sports injuries
  • headaches
  • sleep disorders
  • women’s health issues
  • pediatric health issues


Sean Jamalabadi, DC, ACN

New Office Location:

2880 Ridge Road

Rockwall, Texas 75032

(469) 769-1009

Text: Melissa Gautier

Photo: Marcie Florance

Author: Living Magazine

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