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Jessica Saucier MD, FAAD and Nicole Hadl LE, CLT at Rockwall Dermatology

Like many teenagers, Dr. Jessica Saucier and Nicole Hadl struggled with acne and other skin issues when they were younger. Dr. Saucier says, “I wanted to know more about my own skin conditions and help people with similar problems.” With a full spectrum of skin services provided by skin experts, Rockwall Dermatology is the premier choice for anyone looking to address skin issues or improve skin quality.

True Confidence and Beauty

As a dermatologist and licensed aesthetician respectively, Dr. Saucier and Hadl know that beauty goes deeper than the skin. But they also know how improving skin can give patients a boost inside and out. Dr. Saucier says, “A lot of people’s self-identity comes from how they look on the outside and how they feel. When their skin looks and feels healthy, they are happier.” Hadl adds, “When you feel good about yourself, you get out there more, talk to people, feel more confident. It makes you stand out.”

As a result, everyone at Rockwall Dermatology enjoys and excels at their work: helping patients look and feel better. “It’s gratifying to make a difference in someone’s life that is so visible and apparent to everyone,” Dr. Saucier says. “Skin results are obvious and speak for themselves.”

Exciting and Effective Technology

At the forefront of technology, Rockwall Dermatology offers incredible ways to improve skin. For example, with a less invasive procedure for tightening skin on the neck and face called Ultherapy, Dr. Saucier can achieve results that otherwise might require surgery. Dr. Saucier says, “We are seeing improvement without creating scars.”

Also, dermal (or injectable) fillers, in the hands of an expert like Dr. Saucier, can be used to pop out wrinkles and even reshape facial structure to get a more youthful, natural look. “I love injectable fillers. The results can be immediate, and the satisfaction rate is quite high,” says Dr. Saucier.

Recently, Hadl joined Dr. Saucier in the practice, adding laser resurfacing, laser hair reduction, facials, chemical peels, and skin care products to the repertoire of services offered at Rockwall Dermatology. Dr. Saucier says, “Lasers are the treatment of choice for pink and brown spots, acne scarring, and fine lines and wrinkles.” Now Rockwall Dermatology can more easily address those concerns.

Health and Medical Expertise

Caring for skin isn’t just about beautifying at Rockwall Dermatology. “The skin is the largest organ of the body,” says Hadl. “We should protect it and take care of it. It’s our shield.” Dr. Saucier agrees and recommends a full skin screening at least once a year for most patients. She frequently finds early stage skin cancers on her patients even before the patients are aware of them. “I get a lot of satisfaction from finding and treating cancers early, before they get larger and more difficult to treat,” she says. For more complicated dermatological cases, Dr. Saucier says, “I’m a detective, I get to diagnose and solve all kinds of problems, and the results of my work make people happy.”

Dr. Saucier and Hadl are dedicated to thoroughly explaining conditions and treatment options to patients. “We empower patients with knowledge. I’ve found that when my patients understand why, they tend to follow my recommendations more closely and they get better sooner,” Dr. Saucier says. About the skin care products offered at Rockwall Dermatology, Hadl says, “I love to educate people so they can continue to accomplish their skin care goals at home too.” “We also believe a lot of confusion and worry about treatments can be alleviated with clear information,” they add.

Kind Care and Friendly Environment

Because they have experienced skin problems in their own lives, Dr. Saucier and Hadl feel and show compassion for their patients. Dr. Saucier says, “I know what it is like—the psychological impact on a person. I’ve lived it.” Bringing this personal perspective and kindness to the practice, they give individual attention and care that every patient deserves.

Every detail of the Rockwall Dermatology clinic has been carefully planned and designed with patients’ comfort in mind. From a soothing room orientation to her way of conducting examinations, Dr. Saucier puts patients at ease. She says, “I want people to understand that their problems are normal. Their problem is what human skin does.” This reassurance alleviates any embarrassment or nervousness some patients may feel and encourages stronger patient-doctor communication.

By providing consistently outstanding service and high-quality results for skin care, Rockwall Dermatology ultimately improves patients’ overall well-being. Hadl says, “My passion is to make people smile.” Dr. Saucier adds, “I sleep well at night because I know I’m helping people.”

Rockwall Dermatology welcomes new patients to help!


2701 Sunset Ridge Dr. Suite 404
Rockwall, Texas 75032
(469) 377-1700


By Lacey Kupfer Wulf

Photography by Marcie Florance

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