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Profiles in Dentistry 2020

Michael Guirguis,
Brent Fleming, and
James Guirguis, DD


Michael Guirguis, Brent Fleming, and James Guirguis, DDS Richardson Dentistry

Lindsey Edison was beyond anxious when she had to take her young son to the dentist. “I hadn’t let my kids out of the house for months because of COVID,” she said. “Then my nine-year-old chipped his front tooth in the pool. I thought, ‘Why now? What do I do?’ But when I took him to Richardson Dentistry and saw all the precautions they’re taking, I felt completely relaxed.”

These precautions begin with an extensive online questionnaire to determine each patient’s current health before they come to the office. Appointment times are staggered to reduce the number of people in the waiting room or in the office at any given time. The three dentists are also staggering the times they work and departmentalizing care to minimize contact.

Anyone visiting the office is required to wear a face mask and have their temperature scanned when they arrive. They’ll also be asked whether anything has changed about their health since they submitted their questionnaire. Patients are asked to come to the office alone or, if a minor, with one adult only. To keep the waiting room as sterile as possible, it’s been stripped of toys, magazines, and throw pillows, and the coffee bar has been packed away.

Patients are asked to brush their teeth at home, not at the office, and each patient must rinse with a peroxide-based rinse for 30-second to kill bacteria and viruses in their mouth before any procedure. Fortunately, the Richardson Dentistry exam rooms and operatories are already equipped with four walls and spaced a safe distance apart. But carpeting has been removed throughout the building and replaced with industrial vinyl which is cleaned and disinfected every night.

Once you’re in an exam room, you’ll be greeted by doctors, assistants, and hygienists who have adhered to the same temperature scan and health questionnaire that morning and are wearing one N-95 with a level 2 surgical mask over it with face shields and gloves and gowns that are changed between each patient. The room has been stripped down to essentials, to make it easier to keep sterile and four industrial-size air purifiers are working throughout the building. Exam and procedure areas are sterilized between each patient and, at the end of the day, everything is deep cleaned with hypocholorous acid to kill off residual bacteria.

“The CDC and the American Dental Association have each issued suggestions for keeping medical offices safe,” said Dr. Michael Guirguis. “We’ve implemented their suggestions and going beyond them to keep our staff and patients safe.”


“We’re genuinely happy to be open again and able to care for our patients,” said Dr. Brent Fleming. “This is what our staff loves to do, and it’s been great being able to see and care for everyone again.”


“We’re committed to keeping everyone safe,” Dr. James Guirguis said. “We’ll continue to evaluate the way we’re doing things and make any additional changes we can to keep our patients and staff safe and put everyone at ease.”




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