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When should I start planning my wedding?

People get overwhelmed because they think they need years to plan a wedding. But with the right wedding planner in your corner, six months—or even three—is plenty. The biggest hurdle to planning a wedding is choosing a venue. The next is the dress, especially if it must be ordered, then the photographer and caterer. If you have your hearts set on a certain venue, photographer, or caterer you may have to work on their timeline. Personally, I don’t think it should be all about the venue. Your wedding planner can make any venue look amazing and has resources for top local photographers and caterers. Those things shouldn’t drive your happiness. If you’re ready to get married, we can plan a wedding that’s all about you and your partner.


What are some of the details many brides overlook?

A professional planner considers things like crowd flow or how your dress will feel and allow you to move. We have ideas for fun custom touches to make your day memorable. Brides can get overwhelmed because they think all these details fall on them. A good planner knows the right questions to ask, can present you with all your options, anticipate problems, and execute every detail for you, so you can focus on enjoying your wedding and your guests. They negotiate with vendors and meet them for deliveries. They help you select invitations, plan a menu, design the lighting, locate bridesmaid’s dresses, and keep things running on time. Your event planner will ask you whether you want an elegant mood or a festive one and plan accordingly. I think a wedding should be fun and exciting and focused on the personalities of the couple. We also keep the family in mind, the mother of the bride and mother of the groom, so they’re not stressed and can focus on their children.


What are some fun, new trends in weddings?

Cocktail receptions before the wedding help take the edge off for everyone. They usually last 30 minutes and include a live music from someone who’ll really engage the crowd and loosen them up. People are including a lot of candlelight and over-the-top arrangements. And we’re seeing more bright colors, not just whites and neutrals. People are going less traditional with the focus on the couple and whatever they love. If your favorite color is bright yellow, have a bright yellow wedding cake. How about fireworks at your reception? Have the moms speak in addition to the fathers. As wedding planners, we get to know the couple and can recommend fun, non-traditional ideas to celebrate them. 


How much can I expect my wedding or event to cost?

A good planner will take the budget you feel comfortable with and make it work. Whether it’s $15,000 or $100,000, we can show you what we can do for that price. The average wedding in Dallas is $40,000. But don’t skip the wedding because you don’t have a huge budget. It can still be very special.


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Tina Halpain founded ProPlanIt in 2005 and, for 12 years, specialized in planning week-long corporate events. The business has transitioned to focus on weddings but can plan anything from birthday parties and bridal showers to anniversaries anywhere in the world. ProPlanIt also offers promotional branding and mailings, graphic design, and installation. The ProPlanit motto is, “Always do what’s expected—plus a little bit more.”


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