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Kimberly Johnson knows about the challenges. The U.S. has an obesity rate of 42.4% and climbing. Many Americans eat poorly and too much. “It’s tough. Temptation is always tough,” says Kimberly, Business Development Manager of Profile by Sanford, a weight loss, nutrition and activity program. “We are focused on your goals. Food is not the enemy. You have to manage it.” For many Americans, that is easier said than done. Kimberly says that any diet will work to get weight off. The key is keeping the weight off and that involves nutrition and exercise.  Contrary to common believe, 80% of it is done in the kitchen.  Profile takes a scientific approach. Every client has a nutrition program custom-made to fit his or her needs. That includes age, gender, health status, and fitness level. It is not a one-size-fits-all program.   

The first phase is dropping pounds with delicious, nutritious Profile food, along with encouragement to be more active. “Just a walk around the block is beneficial”, Kimberly says. As the program progresses, meal-plans move into more grocery store food, and clients may ramp up their exercise regimen and may even join fitness centers partnering with Profile and offering discounted memberships. Kimberly said that the average client wants to lose 50+ pounds and ranges in age from 35-to-70-years-old. “We are not trying to be “The Biggest Loser,” Kimberly says. We are focused on our member’s long-term success. Clients can consult with their coach in person or remotely during, it is their choice.

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