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What are your patients asking for the most these days?

For us, it’s been cosmetic dentistry. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, teleconferencing has become the new norm. With a camera positioned just feet away and focused on your face, your smile now becomes front and center!

Not only does a bright, beautiful smile boost your self-esteem, research shows that it’s the first thing people notice about you. Your smile makes a huge impact on a person’s first impression of you. This increased awareness among our patients has led them to seek options for improving their smiles. One of the most common procedures that they are asking about are porcelain veneers.


Do porcelain veneers still require teeth to be significantly ground down?

No. With the advances in digital technology and improved materials available, we are able to preserve your natural tooth structure more than ever. A perfect balance between strength and beauty can be achieved with minimal removal of tooth structure. In fact, most of my cases now require less drilling and, in some cases, drilling may not be necessary at all. I’d like to add that our veneers are hand-made right here in DFW. This makes communicating fine details with the lab much easier and also reduces turnover time with our cases.


Is it possible to see what my smile with veneers could look like?

Absolutely! Our typical process involves a 3D scan of your teeth. From this 3D scan, we can provide a digital simulation of what your teeth could look like. But it doesn’t end there! This 3D scan can be sent to our local laboratory to fabricate a physical mock-up that can be used to create a “try-in” set. Now you’re able to actually see what your smile could look like! From here, we can make changes to the size, shape, and positioning to make your smile perfect.


Are porcelain veneers my best option?

Porcelain veneers can certainly be a great option to not only improve the color of your teeth, but to correct spacing issues, close gaps, align teeth, and more. But they aren’t for everyone. Depending on what your goals are, teeth whitening or straightening with Invisalign may be a better option. The best way to determine which would be best is to schedule a free cosmetic consultation with me.


Are porcelain veneers expensive?

Our patients almost always tell us, “My only regret is that I wish I would have done it sooner.” Once we’ve determined veneers are the best choice for achieving your desired goals, we do our best to fit your treatment into your budget. There are affordable third-party financing options for larger cases for qualified applicants. We also offer an in-office membership plan for patients without dental insurance that provides discounts on all of our services, including cosmetic procedures!


Can I keep seeing you after my veneers are complete?

Yes! We are a full-service, state-of-the-art family dental practice. We pride ourselves in helping our patients maintain their smiles and oral health for life.


Bryant Nguyen, DDS Prestige Family Dentistry

About the Expert

Bryant Nguyen, DDS
Prestige Family Dentistry

After obtaining his doctorate at Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, he completed an advanced education in general dentistry (AEGD) residency in 2013 at the VA hospital in Temple, Texas. With a clear vision in how he wanted to practice, Dr. Nguyen created award-winning Prestige Family Dentistry to provide high-quality, patient-centered dental care without compromising the personalization.



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