PebblePath Pediatric Dentistry

Drs. Christina Huynh and Laurie Parks

PebblePath Pediatric Dentistry


As a parent, you make sure your child eats a balanced diet and gets enough exercise. You fashion a home for them that’s warm, loving, and safe. You teach them the values and principles that will grow them into productive world citizens. And you partner with healthcare professionals you trust to keep them healthy — for decades to come. One of those professionals should be a pediatric dentist with a commitment to educating you and your child about oral practices to set them up for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

Drs. Christina Huynh and Laurie Parks are two such professionals. Within the bright, cheery walls of PebblePath Pediatric Dentistry, they divide the duties of keeping your child’s teeth healthy, with Dr. Huynh providing gentle pediatric care for infants through adolescents and Dr. Parks offering advanced orthodontics for all ages. These two and their amazing team love nothing more than helping little smiles grow up healthy and strong.

Preventative Care

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children visit the dentist at six months of age or by their first birthday. “Even though baby teeth will eventually fall out, it’s important to your child’s overall health that they receive proper dental care. The back baby molars will be there until they are 10 or 11. Their function is to help guide adult teeth into the correct position,” Dr. Huynh said. “This is also a time to establish healthy lifelong oral health habits. I spend time with parents, during early appointments, dispelling old wives’ tales and teaching proper maintenance of baby teeth. It’s also a time to show kids coming to the dentist can be fun.”

Restorative Care

If your child develops a cavity, routine checkups allow Dr. Huynh to diagnose the problem while it’s still small. Solutions such as tooth-colored fillings and tooth-colored crowns mean your child’s smile stays beautiful. For very young patients who experience a cavity, Dr. Huynh offers silver diamine fluoride to stop the growth of decay until the child is old enough to undergo restorative treatment. Dental sealants help decrease the potential of cavities on large, back teeth.

Orthodontic Intervention

If you’re considering orthodontics for your child, you should know it’s about much more than a pretty smile. The intended purpose of orthodontic treatment is to create a healthy, functional bite, which is part tooth alignment and part jaw position. When jaws and teeth align correctly, they can function properly, which promotes good oral and overall physical health. That gorgeous smile is just the icing on the cake.

Dr. Parks likes to see children by age seven for an orthodontic evaluation to determine whether they’d benefit from braces later on. While most children don’t need orthodontic treatment at seven, she can begin monitoring tooth and jaw development at that time. She’s trained to work with many orthodontic systems and appliances, and offers several treatment options, including esthetic porcelain brackets and clear aligners — so you’re never too old for braces.


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