Our Scars Tell A Story

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Our Scars Tell A Story

By Alison Vorlicky

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds” Psalm 147:3 

I remember as a young girl sitting on my living room floor picking at a scab while watching TV. The words that were spoken over me next stuck deep within my soul and I would have to say, changed the trajectory of how I viewed the girl in the mirror going forward. “You know Alison, if you have any scars on your body, you will never be pretty enough to be Miss America.” Right then a piece of me faded away as I made an inner vow to never wear my scars, whether internal or external, because I never wanted to be seen as “not pretty.”

The scars I carried were not visible. They ran deep and were embedded in the essence of my being. I truly believed if anyone saw how ugly my life had been that they would never see the true beauty within. Unfortunately, I learned at an early age to place temporary bandages on the wounds I endured. The problem with that was I never took the time to properly care for them. They would ooze out with disappointments, get infected with rejection, reopen with bitterness, and subsequently they never fully healed or scared.

In the above verse, God says, “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” This verse became my truth when I surrendered my life over to the Lord. God quickly stripped off the bandages I used to cover the dangling scabs that were preventing my open wounds from healing. He met me in the places of my deepest pain so He could resurrect the wounds of my bleeding heart. He took what was broken and began breathing life back into my dying soul.

When our wounds become scars, the painful sting fades away. However, our scars are an ongoing reminder of how God met us, brought us out of darkness and carried us into light. My scars, your scars, His scars, they all tell a story. It’s a story of grace, mercy, resurrected healing, and redemptive love. Our scars show the battlefield we were on and the war we conquered.  They are proof that Greater HE who is in me then he who is in the world. Our scars are a testimony that no matter how big the Giant was before us, the God inside us was stronger.

For those of you who have been tirelessly lugging around wounds that you vowed you would never let anyone see, open your hands. Receive the set of master keys Jesus is handing you. He is unlocking your shackles and releasing you from the heavy chains that have imprisoned you for decades.

Grieve your pain but let it serve a purpose. Take what the enemy meant for harm and use it to bring hope to the broken. Jesus wept. He cried out to God for strength when He didn’t think He could bear the cross. He was betrayed, despised, rejected, beaten, and hung on a cross, sacrificing His own life so our wounds would be healed. His pain was used for a purpose. His suffering brought our freedom. His scars gave us life.

Invite God in. Allow Him to heal the debilitating wounds that are hidden deep within the crevices of your soul. Jesus and Jesus alone is the only medicated bandage we will need to heal the pain and anguish our souls have endured. Jesus weeps with us. He turns our mourning into dancing and makes beauty from our ashes. He is close to the broken-hearted and those who are crushed in spirit. Trust in His promises and know, “By His stripes, we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5.


Alison Vorlicky is the CEO of Wrecked to Redeemed Ministries. Learn more at WreckedtoRedeemed.org.

Alison Vorlicky is the CEO of Wrecked to Redeemed Ministries. Learn more at WreckedtoRedeemed.org.

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