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A Smarter Workout With More Results: Find Your Community At Orangetheory Fitness


Orangetheory Fitness, but it’s a big one. As we jump into a new year — especially after the two we’ve just endured — it’s a great time to find your fitness community, make some positive lifestyle changes, and move forward into your best self. This science-backed, technology-tracked, coach-inspired workout — for anyone at any fitness level — has been turning lives around physically, emotionally, and mentally for more than a decade. Your local Orangetheory studio has the classes, coaches, and community to do the same for you.


Member Kari Taylor recently shared a favorite memory of doing birthday burpees at her Orangetheory studio, although she admits she hates burpees. (We all do, Kari, but we love the results.) “Everyone in class helped me reach the 58 dreaded burpees. I only had to do five on my own and everyone else picked up the other 53. Teamwork makes the dream work — especially at Orangetheory.” That’s what Orangetheory is all about, members partnering to make each other the best they can be.

Member Cheryl Kool hit the nail on the head when she described the “individual effort but a team-type mentality” at her Orangetheory studio. “From the beginning, I knew OTF was my jam. I met people who were like-minded, loved high energy, and supported each other. The variety in workouts, the upbeat music, and the coaching style is what attracted me. Seeing and feeling results sold me on the concept. Meeting incredible people who’ve become great friends who encourage me and motivate me to want to show up daily is what has me continuing to pursue my fitness goals through OTF.”


Orangetheory coaches foster community. They’re trained not only to execute the template for a particular class while monitoring members’ form and heartrate, but to be their biggest cheerleader. It was that way for Dani Monica Wilson, who first came to Orangetheory 10 weeks after having a baby. She was nervous because the most exercising she’d done was walking her dogs. But the coaches met her where she was and encouraged her every step of her fitness journey. “Since signing up, I’ve pushed myself harder than I thought was possible, continuously set new personal records, and built some amazing relationships. I love that the coaches are as invested in my goals as I am and will consistently meet me where I am physically to help me set and reach my goals. Orangetheory is so much more than a gym — it’s a family. As cliché as that sounds, it’s what keeps me coming back day after day. It was the missing piece in my daily routine that helps make me a better mom, wife, and overall, a better person.”

Total-Body Workout

Member Kelly Guitteau tried many different workouts before finding her total-body workout at Orangetheory. “Every day the workout focuses on different parts of your body and is extremely challenging. The staff is always so friendly and motivating that it makes you want to give it your all every class. They offer modifications no matter what your individual fitness level.”

Kari Taylor has been a member for four years and says her favorite type of workout is Endurance, Strength, Power. “It helps me to really push and beat myself,” she said. “I’m not super competitive, but when it’s against myself, I always strive to do better. Endurance, strength, power — I love covering it all in an hour.”

Workout for Everyone

Orangetheory member Lisa Russo has been taking group fitness classes since her Jazzercise days in the 80s, but always burned out pretty quickly. Not so at Orangetheory. After 3.5 years, she reports she loves it as much as she did the day she started.

“With only 24 in a class, it’s like having a personal motivating trainer,” she said. “In pretty much every class there are teenagers and seniors, small people and larger people, short and tall, people who’ve worked out for years and those who are just starting. Some run, some walk, some prefer to use the bike or strider. There are people who lift slow and heavy, people who lift light and fast, and people who don’t use any weights at all. Some use a bench, some don’t. People who row 300 watts and people who row 60 watts. And nobody cares. We’re all in it together.”

New Lift 45

Lift 45 is 45 minutes of functional strength training featuring dumbbells, medicine balls, BOSU balls, TRX straps, workout benches, and more for those days when you don’t have a lot of time but still want a dynamic workout. Lift 45 is specifically designed to build or maintain lean mass, improve your form, and round out your exercise routine with healthy lifting and floor work. And as always, you’ll have your Orangetheory community there to cheer you on. Lift 45 is offered at various Orangetheory locations in DFW.

Transformation Challenge

There’s no better time to find your fitness community, as your local Orangetheory studio kicks off Transformation Challenge 2022, their annual opportunity to jumpstart your fitness regimen, develop accountability, and help cement your fitness goals. Members register for $35, commit to attending three classes a week for at least six of the eight weeks of the challenge. Each studio crowns a male and female winner for the highest weight-loss percentage and the grand prize is $500.