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What type of chemicals or toxins does your lab test in drinking water?

At North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD), we carefully monitor the drinking water at every stage in the process. Experts in our state-certified laboratory conduct hundreds of daily water quality tests, collected before and after treatment and in distribution systems. The water is analyzed for hundreds of thousands of elements and properties including bacteria, minerals, pH, alkalinity, organic contaminants, metals, and chemicals.


Is there a water quality report I can access for my particular district?

All public water system operators must produce an annual Consumer Confidence Report to inform consumers about their water quality. NTMWD posts monthly and annual water quality reports on our website at Annual water quality reports for local systems are posted online.


If we detect an issue with the water, whom do we call?

You should always check with your local provider first (the agency who sends you a water bill). Your local city or utility may have information on their website or social media to address concerns or questions.


What causes taste and odor in my water and what can we do to reduce these effects?

Throughout the year, environmental factors and weather conditions may create changes in our lakes that affect the taste and odor of the water. NTMWD has invested over $100 million in advanced treatment technologies, such as ozone, which are very effective in addressing most taste and odor issues caused by seasonal changes in water sources. Each spring, NTMWD changes the disinfectant used to maintain quality as water travels from treatment facilities to homes and businesses. Consumers may notice the smell of chlorine in their tap water; however, the amount in the water is the same year round. Water is tested to meet all public health standards. Adding a slice of citrus or installing a faucet filter can help those who may be more sensitive to these changes.


Will installing a whole-house water filter make a difference in water quality? 

Whole-house filtration systems are a significant investment. The drinking water provided to NTMWD communities is safe to drink without additional filtration. If you want to install a filter, look for those labeled with NSF International (NSF/ANSI) approval. Follow manufacturers’ maintenance guidelines to avoid bacterial growth. For guidelines, visit and


Is the water safe from the COVID-19 virus? What are you doing to ensure the water is safe?

Yes, NTMWD’s advanced water treatment and disinfection processes are very effective in eliminating all pathogens, including viruses, from water. We continuously monitor disinfection levels in treated water and wastewater to ensure compliance with public and environmental health standards. The COVID-19 virus has not been found in drinking water supplies. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states, “There is no evidence showing anyone has gotten COVID-19 through drinking water, recreational water, or wastewater.” 


North Texas Municipal Water District

About the Expert

Zeke Campbell
North Texas Municipal Water District

Zeke is the Water System Manager for the North Texas Municipal Water District overseeing all aspects of drinking water treatment. He has over 12 years of professional experience in laboratory management, source water protection, distribution water quality and drinking water treatment. Prior to NTMWD, he held the position of Water Quality Manager for the City of Corpus Christi and Director of Water Quality and Treatment for Denver Water. He acquired his M.S degree focusing on environmental microbiology from Texas A&M University and is a Class A certified operator in Texas.


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