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Don’t tell Dr. David Fein that “low-T’ is a new problem for men and women — he’s been treating low testosterone and other hormone deficiencies for over 20 years. “There’s a lot of noise on TV and radio about getting care at some low-T franchise. The truth is that we’ve been taking care of these hormone issues for many years,” explained Dr. Fein.

It has been estimated that over 14 million men, and millions more women over the age of 40, have classic symptoms for low testosterone: fatigue, low sex-drive and performance, sleep disturbances, weight gain, mood swings, and hot flashes. When patients come to North Dallas Wellness Center, they are thoroughly evaluated with laboratory testing, physical exam, and full body composition analysis. “We don’t assume that our new patients just have ‘low-T’ – we test our patients for other issues, such as low thyroid, adrenal fatigue, or low Vitamin B12,” explained Dr. Fein. “And, we offer different options for testosterone therapy — bio-identical hormone pellet therapy, transdermal cream, and, for men, weekly self-injections. Instead of driving once a week to get a shot, we’ve made arrangements with a trusted, local compounding pharmacy to provide a ‘self-injection kit’ – complete with testosterone, needles, syringes, and instructions.”

North Dallas Wellness Center also offers additional services, such as Sermorelin therapy. Sermorelin is the safer, 21st century alternative to Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Sermorelin is an analog of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH), which naturally stimulates the brain to produce higher quantities of HGH. Sermorelin can produce many of the same benefits of Growth Hormone, such as weight loss, improved sleep and cognition, and lean muscle mass production.

North Dallas Wellness Center also offers Medical Weight Loss programs, including prescription hCG cream and NDWC “Slim-Shots.” Another program called “Slim Down” utilizes high quality, high quantity nutrients, along with prescription medication to help accelerate metabolism. Clients typically lose 12 – 24 pounds over 12 weeks.

If you wonder if you have “low-T’ and are looking to increase your energy, improve sex-drive and performance, improve sleep quality, lose body fat and increase lean muscle mass, call North Dallas Wellness Center at 214-696-3885 for a personalized, customized treatment plan.


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Photograph by Amber Boykin Photography